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She loves Jesus recklessly

I wanted to do this so long ago, but now I felt that the time has come. I haven't prepared to write about this but I feel God telling me to do this and you can bet, it will be an honest one. So, here it comes...

I'm writing about a woman who's a worship leader and has changed my life in ways that none of the worship leaders could. I don't know her personally but I don't care, because I just know all that I need to know: SHE LOVES JESUS RECKLESSLY!! It's the one and only Jenn Johnson. She has been one of my favorite worship leaders, singers and women. I'm following her for years and I see her journey throughout the years and I'm not trying to idolize anyone here. So, don't get me wrong. I am really not into those stuff, although I have to confess that I often tend to do that, but God is just the kind of Daddy I need to put me on the spot where I realize that and start learning to look with His eyes. Back to Jenn Johnson... she is one of the persons who knows that worship brings us into the reality of God's closeness and presence, that it let's our emotions resound and it carries our stories with Him to people. She is full of passionate worship to the point where she can't help but shout praises for our Lord throughout the day, not just during church services. She is giving her heart seeking God with a greater passion again and again. How do I know these things, you may ask..."You don't see her heart, her intentions and affections." you may also say. To be honest, I just feel it when she worships, I encounter God in such a sweet way and He discloses His secrets about singing and leading to me. I feel like highest praises fill my heart and I'm filled with hope that I'll see heaven coming to earth...that those days are ahead.
Whenever I connect with her worshiping God through singing I can hear Him say: "I want to hear your own voice, you're more than enough for Me, don't compare yourself to her, but learn from her. I want to see your worship rise before Me." Many worship leaders hold their hearts and emotions back while leading worship, because there's a pressure on them, they have all those eyes and lights fixed on them, they have to sing "without doing mistakes", they are faced with all those expectations people have for them, etc. But Jenn Johnson breaks open her soul while being on the platform and she lets God's presence flood in and from that place she pours her praise out. I know she's not perfect and she has bad days, too, but she understands that we were made to carry God's praises and that this was in His heart even when He formed us. 

Heaven is waiting for the echo of worship and praise reverberate on the earth. Even as the angels delight in singing God's praises, Jenn is finding her true identity and life when her praises reflect the heavenly sounds. I think she never allows the wickedness around her to blur the glory that's inside of her. We have to understand that God has created us for His praises, so let Jenn be an example to you of letting God hear the sound and encounter her shining face as she seeks Him. Many battles can be won and overcome when the sounds of worship and adoration erupt from within us. There are a few examples in the Bible, too, so why not have a contemporary example, as well? Joshua was instructed by God to shout His praises. Didn't God scatter the enemies of Israel when they sang of His goodness and His glory? I have made a decision to set my eyes on Heaven and start gazing upon Him, because I know I will praise, delight myself and harmonize with all the angels. These are the days I live in, days of His Spirit being released and poured out on the worn out, weak, weary and waiting...we will rise and soar by our praises. I want to enter in and look and find Him as all I ever need and discover the secrets that He stored up for me. This is my heart- cry, joining Jenn: "I delight in You, Jesus!"
As I was searching for a great spontaneous song of hers I didn't find one, because all are great. It was so hard to choose one. I'll post a few videos as she shares from her heart:

Jenn Johnson's First Encounter

Don't care what they say

"Do you still care?" is one of the best videos of hers sharing something about her journey. There comes a time when you no longer care about what people think about you. Jenn shares about her moment, and prays over us to break off the fear of man on our lives. "I don't care what they think, I only care what You think" "I don't care what I look like, I choose You" This is how I always saw her. She doesn't care. If her shoes aren't comfortable she takes them off, if she feels like lifting her hands when nobody does it, she still does it, etc. This is called freedom!
 My favorite song of hers is Chasing You, maybe. I love all so much, so I don't know. Here she shares something beautiful: "The song is about finding Him and how He hides Himself so that He can be found... this is supposed to be a fun pursuit. I just want to be the one who moves the Lord's heart and did things that really are important to Him and if you know the Lord it's gonna be obviously 
- worship, because when we worship Him, we become like Him and 
- loving people...
I'm not just cool, it's done, I'm saved and I'm gonna go on with my life, but I'll pursue God, I'll pursue people and the things of His heart forever."

Why do we worship?

"How could we not worship and love Him so much and not be able to hold back that love? Your life's a journey..."

Jenn in 60 seconds

"Worship is a lifestyle and not just something we do in corporate"

Connecting with God

A spontaneous song 

 An encouraging recorded song


P.S. The pictures are from Heather Armstrong Photography, check her out!