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Run to, not from

I missed writing on my blog, because I really enjoy it a lot. What I want to write about today is knowing that God is a very good Father, always thinking of the best of us and for us. I can't describe how thankful I am and how my heart is overflowing with gratitude. It's astonishing to see how much He cares for an unimportant girl in a little town in an Eastern European country on a little planet. The lesson I'm learning to practice and believe in with my heart's mind is: God loves me unconditionally and wants me close.
You may think: didn't you know that already? It's an old story. Yes, you're right, because He was, is and always will be like that. I won't complicate my post. And I hope from now on I will post short thoughts and things I've been learning. So stay tuned.
Now back to what I meant with the statement: God loves me unconditionally! I realized that running to God whenever you fail, fall, sin, hurt, or simply feel overwhelmed is the best…
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The process, not perfection

I've been thinking of deleting some of my older posts here on my blog, because I think they aren't good. But then I changed my mind. I want to leave them here because they speaks about me and it says my story, my development and God's fingerprint in my life. I'm not perfect and I shouldn't always have such high expectations from myself. It's okay, it's my journey, it's my life, my song played on the strings of my heart. Last year was a very blessed year financially and relationship-wise. I started the year on another continent with strangers (in a way), but seekers of God and I was so happy to see God work in the lives of people. I was truly amazed by how personal God is. Then God spoke and inscribed my identity and my purpose unto the walls of my heart. I was overwhelmed, and till I got used to the inscription after coming back home and being busy with work, which by the way makes a lot of fun and is a joy, I realized I didn't really believe what…

It's about the heart ♥

I've been feeling God working on my heart lately and He told me that this year will be a year in which He will restore my heart. It will be a year of restoration and new beginnings. Last December I received a painting from a little princess girl and it was such a huge message for me. The girl told me it's for me because God loves me a lot. I asked her what the colors she chose mean, she didn't know and I thought it's not even important, but I was wrong. While praying in a small group God revealed it all to me. I'll try to write it down as well as I can.
[If you want: scroll to the bottom of this post and click play to the song I attached and continue reading while having the song in the background...just a tip]

Losing the Best

I want to write about something I have written before in some of my posts. It's about loosing sight of God, but afterwards being restored. Since we're nearing the end of this year, I reflected on how this year was for me. Question upon question was swirling in my head about some things God spoke to my heart in such a precision and affection that I couldn't really understand half of it, but I was faithful to His leadership and I knew He was the One who would know what He has planned for me. My relationship with God was always simple and profound, at the same time. Simple... because I was an unqualified match for Him, but still I felt loved and accepted by His embrace and I knew I can be honest with Him and tell Him everything that concerned my life and everything around me. When I entered this relationship, I received a new relational identity...the identity of a daughter. This leads to the profound part, because the Father declared me worthy of His unconditional, lavish…

USA adventure (III): Rose On Aish

I had this as a draft for months, because I haven't taken time for it. Sad, but true. I'll continue with the posts about my trip to the United States of America, although it's a while ago, but I will link it together with an experience I had this summer. I "stepped" into a new year in another country on a different continent and the first day of the year was a Sunday. Going very late to bed the day before didn't hold me back from going to church in the morning. Rosie (read my previous post if you want to find out who she is) came to pick me up and at the entrance of the center, where I slept, I met an Asian girl, who asked me if I'm going to church (FCF). Then and there at that moment I didn't know that she'll become a very precious friend to me. As I told her that we are heading to FCF exactly at that moment, she asked if she can join me and another girl from my room. So, the four of us headed towards church. I was so happy to sit with them at c…

USA adventure (II): Where He guides, He provides

I'm continuing to write about my trip to the United States of America. This will be a post like never before seen on my blog. It's a compilation of sermon notes and my experiences. Let's see to it... I arrived in Los Angeles and my dear cousin picked me up with her family. After just a day with them, I continued my way to Kansas City, MO. As I was traveling, I've been thinking about not knowing anyone in Kansas City and about how I would interact with unknown people. I was very excited at the same moment, because I was going to a conference I have been watching for years and I was growing spiritually a lot from. As the conference began, I was amazed and I still couldn't fathom that I was sitting there. The conference' name was the One Thing Conference. I will continue with what I've come home with from attending this conference.

USA adventure (I): a trip for only the Two of Us

I finally came to the point to write my adventure down. I've been asked again and again to relate the things I went through after I visited the States and what I liked most of the trip of my dreams. I will start a series, because I have so many things to tell that I can't do it in a post. After having all the Christmas preparations and celebrations at the kindergarten and after celebrating Christmas Eve together with the family and friends, we've been traveling to Budapest on the first day of Christmas. Why I say "we", is because all of my four sisters accompanied me to the airport to see my dream come true. I think this one thing was one of the greatest gifts they have ever given me. Not just the fact that they came with me on the first day of Christmas, but they also sacrificed a night's sleep because my plane was taking off early in the morning on the 26th December which meant that we had to be on our way during the night. While preparing to board the pla…