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Hungry for more

I just want to share with you an awesome event that took place and I think it’s important. At the beginning of this year, we've started a worship and prayer meeting on Sunday afternoon, where people who hunger after more of God's Presence and who want to lift God up in unity, come together and seek after that. I know God goes to great lengths to win our heart and to encounter us as a Bridegroom. He is pursuing our hearts, captivating it and we desire to find comfort, strength and rest in this pursuit. He knows exactly how to approach us, how to woo our hearts and awaken a passionate love in us. At these meetings we want to let God have us, let Him do whatever He has to do to awaken us… to make us His completely. We want Him to conquer all of us! We know that pursuing God will be a lifelong journey of ours and that there are going to be ups and downs, but we dedicate ourselves to continually realign ourselves to go after all what He prepares for us. We long to experience God’s love by receiving and responding to it. We want to love Him with all our hearts (affections), with all our souls (personality), with all our minds (intellect) and with all our strength (resources). We want to grow in this love. We want our capacity to be enlarged to experience affection from Jesus. Because it doesn’t grow automatically, we want to cultivate it. We want to be His even though the things that we so desire are withheld from us, even though sometimes we don’t feel His Presence, even though we’re often disappointed by negative circumstances…especially when circumstances concerning Divine promises of blessing are not released in the timing or the way we expected. Yes, this is our heart- cry “We are Yours regardless”! It’s so essential to focus only on the One…oh, if I could use the right words I would really want to use…

We had such a blessed time this Sunday! I was like: “This is how I imagined it to be…free, lovesick, adoring, united, pursuing, passionate, hungry for more, unyielding, intercultural, awesome worship...but still not being satisfied with only this, but wanting even more. Calling out for more of Him and stretching out for it! I want more of You, God!” I was overwhelmed at how responsive everyone was and how freely we could open up to God’s beckoning and drawing us closer to Himself. Even as I write this I feel that sensation, I felt there. New songs were sung and they accompanied me the whole week and I felt God’s love in them! We were so open that we praised God in various languages (can’t count them), sang songs from YouTube, paced through the room, knelt, stood, sat and danced. 

You can’t even imagine how my heart longed for such a fellowship, pure, unique and unstained by the opinion and manipulation of others. As we were singing one of my favorite songs “Abba” by Jonathan Helser, I saw and felt in my spirit (it was really supernatural, I don’t know if I experienced something like this) how we were pregnant and through our mouths we gave birth to the new things God prepared for our lives. Then God instantly spoke to me that He will use our mouths full worship and prayer to bring forth what He prepares for us. I’m so fired up and excited for what God is up to this year, because there’s something mysterious and magnificent in the air. You can even see it through the attacks of satan that God is up to something great. I just wanted to jot these down and encourage you to hunger and thirst for more of God, because He answers! 

“God blesses those who are hungry and thirsty for justice, for they will receive it in full.” Matthew 5:6


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