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Working for our good

I wanted to write about how God knows every detail of our lives and how He brings everything together to really work for our good, even though we sometimes mess things up. I will write about something amazing from my life which made me love Him more!

When I was little I clearly remember playing the piano which was in our living room. I wasn't learning to play it or taking courses. I was just playing foolishly. I loved going there, taking lyrics of the worship songs from our church and play whatever key I felt like pushing and singing to it. I used to register myself singing using a tape recorder. I often went there and my memories are very vivid. 

The sad part was that I lost interest when the enemy started to steal my time by watching many cartoons, anime, soup operas and movies, and when he wanted to destroy my dreams and relationship with God. Just to remember, makes it so interesting! It makes me want to worship God and lift Him up for His awesomeness! Then in 2008, when I totally fell in love with Jesus I felt this urge to learn to play the piano. I didn't know how, why and when. I went to study at the faculty in Sibiu and I took my keyboard with me and hoped to have time to learn it there. In a weird way, I had a colleague who was a Christian piano teacher. We were good friends, but because she was working and studying in the same time, she couldn't keep up with everything, so I helped her out. The other thing was that she had problems with the German language and because we were studying Applied Foreign Languages where German was our major, she had many difficulties. So we agreed to help each other...I'd teach her German and she'd teach me to play the piano. We did it for a few days, but then we realized, we're exhausted and we can't keep it up. We had many courses (there were days when we started at 8 a.m. till 9 p.m. with only an hour lunch break...I know, it was insane) and homework, so it was almost impossible. Thus, we gave up. Sometimes I'm really sad that I'm an idealist, because I wanted to give my all during my studies, be there at every course & seminar and do my best. That's what I wanted to do with the piano as well, but when I saw I can't give all I have, I rather gave up than continued with the little things. Then after finishing my Bachelor's degree, God opened doors for mission work. I enjoyed serving people and really gave my best! I dreamed of doing a Bible study in the US to go deeper with God and to focus only on Him alone without having close people around me on whom to rely, but only on Him. I spent time thinking about this for a period of time, but God was telling me that He'll be my Bible Teacher and He'll teach me anything I want to know from the Scriptures, I don't have to do a Bible study, but remain faithful in the place He has put me.

I was confused, because He then turned my focus on prayer and worship. That's a whole story for another time. What I want to say further is that I've started working and learning for my Master's Degree, so my life got pretty busy and I forgot all about the piano... But here you'll notice how faithful God is, because He used a friend to remind me of my desire to learn to play the piano. When I heard the words, it was like a string was played in my heart and I knew God wanted me to start taking steps in learning the piano in that moment, even though I didn't have a teacher. I felt the urge and the seriousness of it. He told me again and kept encouraging me: 'I'll be your Teacher! Trust me!' I confess that it was difficult for me, because I didn't see or know how He'll do such a thing. I searched for the keyboard, put it on a desk and started learning to play it through YouTube and the internet. Starting 2014 my schedule got busy again and it was so hard to keep up with everything else in my life plus the piano. So I was crying out to God for help and divine guidance that I might learn to play the piano better and quicker, because I was longing to praise and lift Him up through it. I just loved every touch of my finger on the keyboard and I felt like God was smiling by every move I made on it. Every time I set down to practice, I was filled with God's love for me and I poured out my love on Him. It's something words can't describe. Then through another friend (thank you Lord for divine connections) I was introduced to an American volunteer here in our town and she told me that she'll teach me to play the piano properly. I was amazed by God's awesomeness, because He knew how much I love Americans and how much I wanted to practice my English with someone. Oh my goodness, you can't imagine what this meant and means to me! He not just answered my prayer, but He added to it things I enjoy and love to do. Oh, He's so perfect for me!!! Believe me, I can't wait to praise God playing the piano...oooohhh yeeeesss! I love the journey with Jesus, because always something exciting is going on, although sometimes I don't realize and feel it, but when I'm looking back I acknowledge His awesome guidance and leadership through it all.

He can only bring out behind the veils that which is good toward you. Often we do not trust God, but our healing, wholeness of heart, a mind put back together again and so much more will come with our trust. You can't know it all in advance, but could you trust His love enough to know that whatever He brings forth it's gonna be good... it's gonna be GOOD! "God loves the only begotten Son so immeasurably from all eternity, if He cherished Him with incomprehensible depth of affection, what does His giving of Him on our behalf speak of His love for us?" -Excerpt from Candler, Dana: Entirety: Love Gives All. 2007. page 30.


  1. awesome how God took in you this passion for playing on piano and works out every time to reach your wish to learn to play! happy for you for how God wrks in your life! love you <3

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I used to play the piano with you when we were you're part of God's wonderful ways for my life ^_^ Love you so much and I miss you >:D<


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