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A new artist post is here! I wanted to write about her since a long time ago. The next artist I'm writing about is Sarah Reeves, a worship leader, song writer, gifted artist, prayer warrior and an intercessor for her generation. She was born into a family of musicians and she knew that music will be a part of her future. At the age of 15, she had an encounter with God at a youth camp, which changed her life.
“For the first time in my life I saw people excited about worshiping God, people who were pursuing God with all their hearts,” Sarah declares. “I longed for that kind of relationship with God. During that week, God messed up my whole perspective on worship. He humbled me. He filled me with the Holy Spirit. He called me to be a worship leader. He told me, ‘Life is not about you, Sarah. Life is about Me. From this point on you will live to glorify My name, to reach people, and lead them into My arms.’ My life has not been the same since that day.”

"Sweet, Sweet Sound" is one of my favorites from her songs, but I'll share another one with you, which is so great. Her voice is so great, sweet, cute and awesome!
If you don't have time to read some of her quotes then listen to her describing her journey:
“I want this world to know the unconditional love of Jesus. This is a cry of desperation that God would come save our land.”
God united her with her mate in 2011 and I think they are living a blessed time.
 “I have one goal and one true destiny,” Sarah Reeves declares “and that is to bring people to the heart of God, to help them understand His love, His mercy, and the freedom and power of worship. My goal is to lead the nations into His arms. That’s my calling.”
She says, "I pray God moves every heart closer to His as they listen to the music He's given me. My desire is for them to encounter Him in a deep and refreshing way, to cry if they need to cry, to dance if they need to dance. My prayer is that every heart will be opened up and there will be no shame in giving God our everything."
I don't own any of the pictures.


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