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Jesus is coming soon, be prepared

The previous week I was so overwhelmed with my tasks at the university and the exams. I'm a "born" perfectionist and I always like to do everything the best way I can. I was so busy that I didn't have time to do my homework the way I wanted to do them and it was such a big burden. I didn't sleep enough and I was always thinking how to work everything out. I was burnt-out at the end of the week when I had to go to the courses and exams. My sisters tried to encourage me, but I was exhausted. God each and every time gave me encouragements, but I still felt the pressure of these things. As I was taking a bath, I listened to a sermon on my cell phone (I usually like to do that... hihi). Through that sermon God spoke to me and I was really touched by what the preacher said about grace. A sentence caught my attention, it was like this: "The Christians should hang on a rope upon the hell for a few minutes to see and realize what God rescued us from." He also told about visions of hell people saw and then they were totally changed. They told that it was horrifying and sooo dreadful. So, when I went into my room, I told God that I really need more faith in Him, I need more faith to rely on Him. I really knew that and I was crying out with my whole heart. I told God, if He thinks that I would be strengthened in my walk with Him, then He should also give me visions or dreams to see hell, but He shouldn't let me stay :) I told Him to bring anything He wants on my way that I might learn. I finished my daily tasks and went to bed. I have already forgotten my request at the end of the day. That night God's answer came... Can you imagine, He gave it in the same day I've asked Him. So let me tell you what I received and what I went through and believe me it was sooo real:
I was standing on the street and I heard a voice from heaven which said that now is the time for God's children to come home. I knew that Jesus returned for His family and I saw people starting to fly toward the sky. As I was seeing this, my body started to lift, too. But at the half way I was stuck and I knew why. In that moment all my life was playing before my eyes: that I sometimes was ashamed of the Lord in front of my colleagues, I was starting to get anxious when difficulties came up in my life which I couldn't handle, I was trying to be perfect to prove myself, and all my weaknesses were before my eyes. I started crying, because I saw how sinful, dirty, foul, filthy I was and how far from being perfect. I don't know if you heard the verse which says: "But on the judgment day, fire will reveal what kind of work each builder has done. The fire will show if a person’s work has any value. If the work survives, that builder will receive a reward. But if the work is burned up, the builder will suffer great loss. The builder will be saved, but like someone barely escaping through a wall of flames"(1 Cor. 3:13-15)... I knew I'm going to heaven, I didn't doubt that, but the thing which bothered me, was how I'm going to enter: like a bride/ princess or like a "burned builder"? I knew I was that person from this verse. I really knew it! When I opened my eyes, I saw myself and many, many people in the Throne Room of God. In front of the Room (even if it wasn't actually a room) I saw God on the throne. I didn't see His face nor His body, I just saw His feet and hands (almost as in the picture). I was crying and I knew I will stand before Him. I don't know how to explain it, but I felt so horrible, to know my life and to see all the mistakes I've made. I was crying without a stop, because I love God so much and I didn't want Him to see me like this. Suddenly before God's throne stood a woman on her knees with a baby in her arms. Then a man came and fell on her and told her in her ears: "Now, we're here together!" Even though he whispered it, everyone could hear him saying it. But God immediately told him to go away, because his day of judgement wasn't there yet. As he left, I knew that the man was satan. God turned His attention to the woman and told her with a soft and tender voice like a true Father: "My daughter you were always faithful to me, even though you went through difficult times, you remained faithful and had faith in me till the end. Now is your time to receive your reward." When he told this, everyone could see the woman's life. It was like a movie, but it wasn't on a screen, it was different... it was in us, I don't know how to explain. I saw how she went through such a difficult time, but she chose to live totally for Christ. In that time I was weeping like a baby and I was speaking with God, even though He was there on the throne. I was pleading with Him: "Please Lord, let it be just a dream. Please, I beg you, please let Geno [my sister who sleeps with me in the room] wake me up, hold my hand and tell me that it was only a dream. Oh Lord have mercy on me, I can't come before You like this. Oh Lord, I'm so desperate. I need Your help....[I was crying so hard, I  could hardly catch my breath and it seemed so real]... Lord, please give me ONE more chance and I promise I'll live my whole life for Your glory. Let Geno wake me up, let it be a dream. Just let me return to the earth and live totally for Your glory..." That was the moment when Linda, my younger sister, came into the room and turned the lights on for our morning- meeting. Oh my goodness, how happy I was... you can't imagine. As I told my sisters about my dream, I started crying, because I saw God's love and grace, again. God gave me a new chance to live my whole life consecrated and devoted to Him. I have areas in my life in which I need help... one, is to have more faith, that God can handle every difficulty that comes my way and I shouldn't be so worried about earthly things. Believe me it's a difficult part to work on, but I'm going through it with God, with His love, help and support, and I'll be victorious!

I wanted to share it with you, because I really want to let you know, that God forgave our sins and He sees us through Jesus, but He wants OUR WHOLE LIFE, He won't relent until He has it all or nothing. So, choose wisely, devote and commit yourself to a wonderful life, which will also have trials and difficulties, but only to bring you closer to Him, to learn and to let You know that you are more than enough, you're loved and accepted. Isn't God amazing in choosing what to show me?... He didn't give me a vision of hell, but of heaven... only in a different way! I adore Him with each day passing by. He's my perfect partner ^_^


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    1. Yeah, I had some time and I wanted my readers to know, but not to brag about it, but to tell all of those who read my blog to completely surrender to the Lord... that's my message!


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