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Some thoughts about being single (1)

I think I will be speaking to the young ladies rather than the guys. Many girls struggle with singleness, because they think if they don't have a boyfriend or are not married, they aren't appreciated, valued, treasured, beautiful and worthy for a relationship. That's the biggest lie girls could ever believe. I know, it can be hard to be patient, but there are so many things in this world to enjoy... except for marriage with an earthly husband. There is another marriage, which is eternal. God loves you soooo much and you are His beautiful BRIDE! He showed you that big love He has for you by giving everything He had... there isn't a guy who would do that and not just that: He promised to always be with you and love you through every difficult time, mood and problems. Isn't that a great BRIDEGROOM?

When I didn't have this close relationship with God, I always thought about having a boyfriend, a husband... I've learnt from my parents that it isn't biblical to date a hundred boys and then find the right one, but I was looking around and I was seeing friends and colleagues with boyfriends and I was jealous. But after I've put Jesus on the first place in my life, I found the best boyfriend in the whole world: JESUS! In Him I found and still find everything I need and He's always there at my side. I think that if God wouldn't have found me, I would've been married now with someone I would've chosen, or who knows. God knew that I needed Him. How awesome! I'm so blessed and happy that I'm single and that I didn't have a boyfriend... I never had one; not that there weren't guys trying to woo me :p but I knew that my first boyfriend will be my husband and that's why I looked very carefully at each one who came into my way and asked God about what He thinks about them (that's the first thing I do). Perhaps it's shocking for you, I don't care, I know I haven't lost anything. I know for some of you it would be ridiculous if I told you: I didn't find dating in the Bible, so it's unbiblical for me. I even made a sort of 'promise' that there will be only one person who will kiss me and that will only be my husband at the engagement or nobody. I know, I might think, I overreact, but that's what I want and I'm not in a haste to get married. I'm fine as I am, if I can be with the Lord with all my heart and being. How should I know that the guy is serious about the relationship till I'm not engaged? I don't want to give him that which isn't his. What I really want is to fully be in LOVE with God and to walk by His Spirit. I desire to reach to a high level in my relationship with the Lord.

Don't make such a big deal out of it... live your life, let it flow and let GOD be in control! Draw near to the Lord and He will draw near to you. And He will write the best story of your life. He can take you on a life journey you never imagined. I'm writing all these as a single and not as somebody who isn't going through the same thing you are going through with your feelings. Be encouraged by the following quotes:


  1. I really liked your post! Great job Rose!

    1. Thanks, you're always there to encourage... you're so blessed! Love you so much <3


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