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I'm planning to write a post about women, but it's pretty hard for me. So, that doesn't mean that other posts have to! I really wanted to share with you the awesomeness of God and how He really is the BEST! In a word, I wanted to talk with you about: prayer!
Prayer is such a supernatural weapon, present and tool we've's indescribable! We too often forget that and it's true, we sometimes forget even our own prayers and what we've said. But the awesome thing in it is that God never forgets any of them. And when I say any...I mean it. I don't want to tell you theories, but facts and things which work in my life. In the last days I've experienced God's faithfulness and His devotion to what He does...His work and plan. Ah, I'm amazed even as I write these sentences. Sometimes I was thinking: "Can I really say to somebody that God answers ALL my prayers?" And God taught me that I really can say that. Why? Because He really does answer my prayers, perhaps not instantly and when I want, but He is always faithful to His Word and promises. He really is the best!

God is not a man, that He should lie, nor a son of man, that He should change His mind. Does He speak and then not act? Does He promise and not fulfill?

I learn each and every time to trust God more and more...I don't know how He doesn't get weary to teach me so much? But He's God and He loves me too much to let me where I'm at now. And for that I'm so thankful and grateful!

I encourage you to pray and speak with our Daddy, because He loves to hang out with you and to know what bothers you and what the desires of your hearts are. He's in control of your life, just let Him to take it and use it for your best.


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