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Divine intervention

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I was reading this morning about how Abraham sent his servant to find a wife for his son Isaac. As I was reading, I came to the part, where Isaac went out to meditate and bow down in prayer in the evening. 
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The next Rebekah did, was dismounting from her camel and covering herself with her veil. This is a sign of humility, modesty and subjection. She didn't reproach Isaac for not coming himself to find her and she didn't complain about the journey or the change to which she was subjected. I think she saw God going before her in this affair. 

What did Isaac do? 
He then was 'walking across the field to meet' her. Some people think that Isaac intentionally expected the return of his servant and his future wife about that time and went out on purpose to meet them. But he went out having another purpose: to take the advantage of a silent evening and solitary field for meditation and prayer. Isn't that great?

Nowadays when a girl meets a boy, she lifts herself up before his eyes and uncovers herself to attract him...the contrary of what Rebekah did. 
And boys don't wait in prayer for God's chosen one, they rather run into relationships very easy, thinking they know what their need is and God is taking too much time to choose the girl for them. Today they don't LOOK UP, they look to the left and right to find their partner. What does LOOKING UP mean? It means: "Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take."

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It's very interesting that I've read this TODAY, because today the world is celebrating Valentine's Day. I don't know how much it should be our celebration, but I'm sure that every day should be a celebration for those who are in love. Not just on this day or on other special celebrations should they give gifts, blessings, great words, praises to the loved one, but each and every day they should celebrate their relationship in Christ. I haven't thought to write about this topic... but thanks Lord for your guidance.


  1. A very, very good article. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!!! Thanks :*


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