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I started writing this blog post a long time ago, but I was really busy lately so I couldn't finish it!
As you noticed the title of the post, I'll be talking about Mandisa! What I heard for the first time was her full name: Mandisa Lynn Hundley! I really didn't have any idea about her full name. She really has a beautiful name ^_^ Thus, as usually, I let the artists speak about themselves and highlight some of their words:

"He is able to set us free from absolutely anything" she said "whatever we're turning to, in order to fill that void, it always gonna come up empty, because there ain't no high like the Most High. I like that!"

A great interview with Mandisa, you can see her shining! I like it very much when she quotes my favorite/ life's verse (Romans 8:28).

A lot of people think we as Christians have to put our masks on and pretend that everything is great. But I was really amazed at the responses I'd get when I'd Tweet that I was struggling, or needed prayer with something, or having a bad day,” she explains. “People said, 'I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.’ Or ‘I need prayer for that too.’ It surprised me that people thought I had it all together. The truth of the matter is I have bad days too and am still learning to bring that to the Lord and let Him lift my burden.”

Here's a video about a report made about Mandisa and how she had been blessed by our great and wonderful God!

The song which truly broke my heart and humbled me to the ground was this:

I can say the same thing Mandisa said: “A struggle is a struggle, and Jesus is there through it all. He is there in compassion and grace. I have found that what He has spoken to me through these songs has been encouraging and I think that’ll be true for other people who are going through their own hard times,” she says, “I feel I have a closer intimacy with the Lord than when I first started. He is the reason I’m still here.”