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Chris Tomlin

The next artist from my list is CHRIS TOMLIN! This artist is such a blessing... I really loved him since 2004. We had an old cd player with speakers and I remember that I burned a cd with Chris Tomlin's songs and we played those songs over and over again in our room. I really enjoyed listening to them...
What I highly esteem is that he writes and sings praise and worship songs...through which I can feel close to GOD! His voice is also sooo great and he's humble, that is very important! 

I just love that God uses me,” he says, “but my role isn’t to grab as much attention as I possibly can, but to really point people to God. I don’t spend my time thinking how to make myself more popular”.

"I'm trying to help people connect to God. I'm trying that myself, you know...I can't go there and just perform, but I want to lead people to somewhere, I want to lead people to God, not lead people to myself. So that takes, you know, having your heart ready...Anybody can get up and sing songs and sing a top 5 song...but that doesn't make you a worship leader...I always pray that God would just help... His Spirit do it."

When he stands in front of believers, it’s his desire to disappear, to surrender to the Holy Spirit and help others release the concerns of the world and focus on worshipping the God who created them.

"‘And If Our God Is For Us. . .’ I just love that statement because if you really believe in God, everything is possible. Miracles can happen and all things are available to you no matter what you are going through. There’s a scripture that tells you that God is for you and who can be against you. I love the hope that’s in that statement.

He’s [God is] offering life. He’s offering hope and he’s offering peace today. I just want people to really grab that when they hear this music. God is for us! Who could ever stop us? That really says everything and what we’re about in our music because we’re about more than just songs, about more than just making records and having songs on radio. We’re really on a mission here and God has given us a platform to travel all over the world and that’s so exciting. I’m so thankful what God has given us, but at the end of the day, it’s not just about the next song that comes along, it’s really believing in that and really living our lives that way knowing that God is for us and nothing could stand in our way.

 I don't own this picture
I don't own this picture


  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you so much! Your post's are always a blessing to me :)

  2. I`m totally agree with this post! Your right. I also like Chris Tomlin how he sings and his reason to sing.

  3. keep on with this cool posts about Christian artists! i like reading them! :p


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