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Kari Jobe

The next artist who inspires me very much and who is a blessing in my life through her worship and living, is...KARI JOBE! I don't even know what to say about her, because she's such a blessing...such a loving person...unique and special. I'll let her speak about herself...I'm sure she will find a place in your heart :) Listen to her testimony:

This song of her touched me, I don't know if I can say that it touched me the most, but surely this song is such a beautiful song (as all the others)...but this song is precious to me because I love Jesus sooo much and it tells that I find all that I need in HIM (aaaand that's how I feel....everything that I have is in Jesus....HE'S ALL I NEED!).

Here are some pictures which I chose to attach to this post. 

I like how she sings with all her heart!

She's so beautiful!


God bless Kari Jobe and strengthen her through everything!


  1. Yes, she's a blessing and a real worshiper. We can learn from her! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes i am hopeluss and need DJEEZUS, ook al is dat geroepen door Suske in het album met Reinier de Vos van Suske en Wiske, but i don't play Wordfeud not in english, but in dutch. That's the reason that England the game not can't play, they are false then, also EAZY-E me told that the profile eazyeog fals is on instagram


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