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Run to, not from

I missed writing on my blog, because I really enjoy it a lot. What I want to write about today is knowing that God is a very good Father, always thinking of the best of us and for us. I can't describe how thankful I am and how my heart is overflowing with gratitude. It's astonishing to see how much He cares for an unimportant girl in a little town in an Eastern European country on a little planet. The lesson I'm learning to practice and believe in with my heart's mind is: God loves me unconditionally and wants me close.

You may think: didn't you know that already? It's an old story.
Yes, you're right, because He was, is and always will be like that. I won't complicate my post. And I hope from now on I will post short thoughts and things I've been learning. So stay tuned.

Now back to what I meant with the statement: God loves me unconditionally! I realized that running to God whenever you fail, fall, sin, hurt, or simply feel overwhelmed is the best thing to do. When you read it, you might think it's not that hard. But start living it and you'll see, it's not even that easy. Why? I think because we feel unworthy, fallen short, weak and unimportant. For me personally when I fall short it causes so much pain, because I don't want to fail, grieve, angry or annoy God. That's when shame and condemnation come and I start to withdraw from Him instead of running into His arms. This year I've been running to Him even though all those feelings were inside me, I've been living in denial of those feelings. I've been hearing God telling me: "I know how you feel and I really know that you love Me! I know your flesh is weak, but I see your spirit, which is willing to follow Me. When I take a look at you I don't see only your weaknesses, but I see your honest desire to love and pursue Me. I identify a deep cry in your heart for Me and although you can't see it because of your failure or discouragement, I nonetheless see it.

We have to learn that as born again followers of Jesus we will never feel comfortable again in sin. We may sin again, but as we do we will feel the anguish of it all. Let us not fail to see how God sees. Our flesh may be dark, but we have an eager spirit to go after what is good and loving. Let us run to Him and not from Him understanding His personality. Push the delete button on a mentality of shame, which will automatically detonate a bomb against a life of sin. We are overcomers and I'm starting to believe that God strategically exposes to us the weaknesses of our flesh, but let me state clearly He never makes us sin. In everything God does in our lives His ultimate goal is for us to lean on Him and to love Him more than before. This is what I want you to get from this post: 

Whatever happens, however you may feel... go to God, lean on Him, talk to Him and tell Him everything.


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