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The process, not perfection

I've been thinking of deleting some of my older posts here on my blog, because I think they aren't good. But then I changed my mind. I want to leave them here because they speak about me and it says my story, my development and God's fingerprint in my life. I'm not perfect and I shouldn't always have such high expectations from myself. It's okay, it's my journey, it's my life, my song played on the strings of my heart. Last year was a very blessed year financially and relationship-wise. I started the year on another continent with strangers (in a way), but seekers of God and I was so happy to see God work in the lives of people. I was truly amazed by how personal God is. Then God spoke and inscribed my identity and my purpose unto the walls of my heart. I was overwhelmed, and till I got used to the inscription after coming back home and being busy with work, which by the way makes a lot of fun and is a joy, I realized I didn't really believe what God spoke about myself. I didn't accept it and I pretty decided to walk astray from the plans He had for me. It's as if great walls came between us and the strong bond we had for years became just a memory or something that's history. I still held God responsible for a few things that occurred in my life and that hurt my trust in Him, so I had to learn the hard way.

God had a dream to make things right again and to destroy all the obstacles and to kick down the walls of separation. He told me:

"I've got forever with you in My heart

This love won't change

There is no length I won't go for your heart

You're worth the pain" 

(Jon Thurlow)
Now I'm looking forward to 2018. As I said in my last post I feel like a different story is being written in my life. Let the unknown future begin... This was a short post, but an honest one.