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One of my dreams is coming true

I don't know where to start and how to write all those things I want to...I hope I won't forget anything. I'll be writing about my long-awaited trip to the States and all my friends know that I've been dreaming about this for a long, long time now. I won't be short on this post, so take some time to read my experiences and worship the One true God!

In 2015 God showed me that it's time to visit the States for me. After first hearing that, I've shoved it away because it was nearly impossible. Then at the beginning of this year God clearly showed me that it will happen this year. I was so sure of it that I started telling people that it will happen even though there was not even a glimpse of hope for it. I've been growing up loving the USA and everything that had to do with it. Many people were telling me that Americans are different and overindulging, and I should like England, because many great revivals sprang out from there. I didn't heart was connected to America, without any specific cause, that I could explain. So, back in 2015 I've even found an entry to my journal where I asked God to not "disappoint me", but if He promises me that I'll go to the States then He should make it possible. I've even confessed that I'm afraid to dream and asked Him to tell me for sure: "Is it in Your will for me or will I be disappointed? I don't want to raise my hopes if it won't happen." I was honest and really wasn't offended that I had to wait so long. He didn't really answer, but put such an assurance into my heart that I knew "this time, it's for real!" I started taking little steps towards it, but they were pure faith-steps, because they were no hints showing that this will actually take place. Then a friend gave me a prophetic word from God, which made me trust the Lord and believe that the time will soon come: "Remember what I have told you, the things I have promised you. And sign back up, it's worth it."

First of all I handed in my application to receive the Hungarian citizenship, because I'm a Hungarian and I was born on an ex-Hungarian land (which was the Austro-Hungarian Empire). It's a whole other story in itself: I'm half Hungarian, half German and live in Romania, have a Jewish and American "heart" (multiculturalism). The process of receiving the citizenship takes half a year.

At the beginning of this year I started a new journal and on the first page I've written: "I don't want to just sow and reap financially, but honor people and give something big, because honor gives anointing. Help me not to reduce You with my fear and anxiety to only the tithe and donations. I want that 100% of my earning be Yours even though 23% is taken away by the taxes. I love You and You will do great things in my life, I can't wait to fill the pages with Your love and faithfulness." I never knew that this will be true. 2016 was such a year where I was totally wounded beyond expression, chose things I didn't want to and found my identity in a deeper way than ever. Truly, as I wrote, it was a year where God showed His love and faithfulness in a way He has never done it before. I even had close encounters with God which marked me for life and He even prophesied over me, which has impacted my life in a way only God can do it. Oh my, this will be a long post, because I have so many things on my heart, but I don't really know how to get some order in my head and heart :) All of the events made me say "I want to soar with You, up and up and love You with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. This is why I'm living and this is where I find my happiness and joy." In May I received a word from God, which I forgot with the passing of time, I've found it after peeking back on my journal. This is why it's essential for me to write a journal: I forget. God said:

The seasons of times have changed. Eternity is flooding Eternity is now flooding into time. I am calling you into the no time zone, the realm of eternity within you. This season will be the most productive and powerful you ever witnessed, for I am hastening My word to bring it to pass. Long dormant promises will now spring to life as I bring you through the most rapid changes of your life. Finances will never hold you back, for I am the God who provides all that is needed and supplies all that you lack. Never be held back by what you call "lack," or "need." for I call it, "Miracles of Trust." As you trust Me I will open doors of blessing and miraculous supply that you have never even considered. Remain faithful to Me and I will show you My faithful and miraculous supply. Great sacrifices will yield great promises. When I move upon your heart to yield to Me, to go where I send you, to do what I call you to do-- even at great personal cost, you will see Me as the Great Provider and the Great Promise Keeper. The changes that are upon you will demand that you trust. For in the stretching of faith you will find Me as never before. Leap for joy and in that leap of faith you will find My supernatural presence as never before. Have I not called you to love with all you heart and all your passion? This is the day of ALL, not part. You will see ALL My love and ALL My power at the disposal of those who have sought My face with all their hearts. The season of change has come, you have heard it before but know I declare it: You will never be the same again, for I have placed My hands upon you, My bride, My love!"

I'm amazed by all of this right now...again. Hm, true joy is found in loving God with your entire being. Let me continue...
In summer I had to quit teaching a German boy, because he had some problems and had to stay out of school for two months. I didn't want to continue afterwards, because his learning skills were already very low. The problem was that with him I lost a good part of my salary, but I didn't even have time to worry, because I was called by a kindergarten which needed an English teacher. I accepted and started working. The amazing thing was that I was earning more money than before even if the other job was kinda paid by Germans. Then kids from the German school started flooding in for tutoring till my schedule was full and I had to ask my sister to take a few kids over. This is how I could afford to save money for the trip.

In September I started a fundraiser for this dream of mine, but I started planning it at the beginning of the year. It was open till my birthday. I made calculations of how much I would need and was full of hope that friends and people would help make this dream come true and give me a birthday-gift towards raising the amount I needed. I'm so thankful to all those who did help me and that's why I want to tell you that what you gave meant so much to me. Thank you Kelly, Kriss, Robert, Sebi, Mia, Gyöngyi and Sali for your gifts. I was so grateful and happy to know that you value me, I say this because you invested in my dream which is part of me and is close to my heart. I cherish your gifts towards this more than anything else, I suppose! 
I have to admit that if I would've had only this money I couldn't have afforded to pay for the trip, because the raised amount was 18% of the needed money. But hey, don't think that I'm saying this to make you feel guilty that you haven't given anything or you haven't given more...far be it from me. I'm thankful to God that He gave me a job where I could earn enough money to pay the majority of the trip. God has given me more than I've imagined to have. September I didn't know if I will have enough money to go, but by faith bought my OneThing Conference ticket. The OneThing conference is an annual Christian conference put on by the International House of Prayer (IHOPKC) every December in Kansas City, MO. Thousands of young adults will gather for worship and teaching that will help equip them to live a lifestyle of abandonment to Jesus. The primary aim to gather is to encounter the majesty and beauty of Jesus, the glorious King, that the people might go forth empowered to do His works, be His voice, and see many lives changed. I've been watching the Prayer Room webstream since 2008 after the CallJerusalem with some interruptions, but then I met someone who brought me back to it without me knowing that I already knew about this movement. It was interesting how God worked, as I look back to everything. Anyway, I was totally touched by the commitment of people to love and worship God wholeheartedly and constantly. One of my passions is to worship God and when I saw them do that, I felt a heart-connection to all of this. I loved the passion with which the worship was raised toward God and I was ruined for the lesser pleasures of this earth and started pursuing God wholeheartedly. The altering speed of events, taking my life in directions I couldn’t have predicted, changed my life from the root. So, America played such a great role in me being on the best adventure ever, that something inside me was ignited toward this nation and language. This nation has given me my Savior, my Best Friend, my Lover, my Defense, my Hero, my Deliverer, my Provider, my Joy of life, my Confidence, my Support, my Protector, .... my All-in-One: JESUS! Since 2008 I've been reading the Bible in English and I started reading all sorts of books in English which drew me closer to God. I even started writing my journal in English back in 2009 and at the beginning of 2011, I started writing this blog in English and I was writing about my experiences, my thoughts and about how God was working in my life. I loved the language even more with the passing of time. Then I realized... more than ever... that I would want to visit this country which gave me so much. I don't really remember when, I received a one-dollar-bill which I was holding symbolically in my wallet for more than 10 years. It was a witness that one day I will be there. During my studies my colleagues new about my love for America and somebody even gave me another dollar, which I've put into my Bible. They often told me to come back and not stay there...hehe. My sisters often said that I'm too in love with the language and country and they often made jokes about it. I have great memories about all those times.
Also in September I made my passport because I received my Hungarian citizenship.
A year ago our church was part of a conference here in our town and I had the privilege to sing for the first time before a crowd of women. This was where I met a dear and precious friend to my heart, who helped me in so many ways, encouraging me, inviting me to her city and home, giving me lots of advises, being so kind and open to me that I was amazed by her heart for people. I'm more than honored to be with her for a couple of days in the States. When she came back to our town this year, we had the opportunity to sit down and plan the trip. After she left in October I booked three of four flights, applied for ESTA, signed up for an Internship Luncheon at ihop.kc and reserved a hotel room in Kansas City. I was excited to see things evolving and I couldn't believe that it's actually happening.

The only thing I was sad about was that I couldn't go to visit the Bethel Church, which I really wanted to. But then I received an email from ihop telling that Bill Johnson, the senior pastor of Bethel will be one of the speakers and Jonathan & Melissa Helser will be among the worship leaders of the conference. If I can't go to Bethel, Bethel comes to me (just I was also very excited to know that Todd White will be at the conference, because I know He lives what he teaches. I don't have to mention all those anointed and great leaders of ihop, who helped me a lot in the passed few years. November I was thinking about my visits and how great it will be, when suddenly I realized that when I'll arrive to my friend in Atlanta the Passion Conference will start. I've been watching the conference for years live and I love everything about it and one of my dreams was to attend the conference. I've been learning their songs by heart and I was amazed at how God worked in the lives of people, watching live, staying up at nights. But sadly they have an age limit and I've with three year passed over it. Kelly said that she would've wanted us to be door holders and we could've attended it like that, but she didn't know exactly if I'll make it, so she didn't signed us up. Then I had an idea to write them an sincere email and explain them that I couldn't attend earlier and ask them if there can't be done something to be able to attend. I was convinced that it isn't a coincidence that I'm in Atlanta when the conference is going on. On my birthday one of their staff members wrote me that they not just accepted my attendance, but gave me a free birthday ticket and made it possible to even call one of the person I was emailing with back and forth at the check-in. What a favor...!! But then I checked my flight and realized that I'll be losing the first session of the conference because I would arrive too late for it. I was pretty disappointed and I asked the advises of friends and family about what I should do: buy a new ticket and loose the money I already paid for the flight or loose the first session- the opening. All of my friends and even my family told me to not buy a whole new ticket only for a session, but I was thinking about the fact that I won't attend a Passion Conference again in my life. I was weighing the costs and benefits and finally I chose to be happy that I am able to go to the other sessions. Indeed, but God didn't forget to comfort me and encouraged me by saying: "Where I guide, I provide! Thus, don't worry!" I left it in His hands and was happy again! But... God had other plans to show me how much He holds everything in His hands and how He really provides there where He leads. I received an email from the airline with a notification that my flight to Atlanta will have a 30 minute delay and as I checked my flight it was written that if the flight departs 1 hour later, then I can make a change for free. My delay was only of a half an hour not a whole one. But someway I didn't want to loose hope and give up, so I started searching on the internet if there is some other possibility. God be the glory, because I found on a website that the specific airline will change flights without any cost if the departure is delayed with an hour AND if the arrival is delayed with a half an hour. The latter was my case, so I called them from Romania and they have put me on hold for 27 minutes, but afterwards I talked with them and they agreed to reschedule my flight to earlier at the same day... totally free of charge. I was soooo happy, because now I can be at the Passion Conference from the beginning to the end. Amazing, first the conference is exactly on the days when I'm in Atlanta, second I'm allowed to attend the conference, third I've even received a free entry ticket, fourth my flight was rescheduled to fit my plans. He really is awesome... Then He told me: "I'm your good Daddy and am planning My daughter's trip, you! I love you more than you can ever dream, think or imagine! The more you see Me, the more you trust Me. The more you trust Me, the more you see Me!" These words soothed my soul and I rested in His plans for me. So now the list with people who taught me a lot and I am going to meet is growing, because I can add John Piper, Louie Giglio, Beth Moore, Christine Caine and Francis Chan to it. There are only a very few leaders who I esteem and honor, and I won't be able to see and listen to... all the others will be there. Not even I couldn't bring all those people together even if I would've had the authority and power to do it. Just awe-inspiring...

At the end of November I had my cousin sleeping at my place for a few days and I was giving her my testimony of how God provided for me and how He planned everything in such a marvelous and unbelievable way. I've even showed her everything I already paid and the money I still needed. I needed the money for food for my time in Kansas City and $100 for books I wanted to buy. I told her: "You know, I'm thankful for everything God had provided for me, so if I won't have the money for the books, it's okay, because I won't die without them...buuut I would love to buy some." As we were still speaking a phone rang and I told my cousin that it's her phone, but she told me it wasn't hers. So I asked her to hand me over mine and when I checked on the screen I've read this: "You have received a contribution of $100." I was amazed and so was my cousin, who was a witness now, not just a spectator. Afterwards I received an email from the Luke 18 Project with an invitation to the Campus Awakening where Lou Engle and Sean Feucht (my former teacher) are speakers. I was like "WHAT!! Is it You again God? Can it be that all of this was planned beforehand just for me?" Eah, you might say...but for me all these things are unique and so special, that God knows that and He wants to amaze me. The fact was that I have a day in KC for resting and just enjoying the time there. I wasn't really searching for some plans. But then somebody told me I could visit the FCF church, which I used to watch online on Sundays. Aaaand then came the Luke18 Project email. I spoke with the staff and asked if I could attend although I'm not a student anymore and they accepted. So I signed up and am going to take part at that summit.

In December I went to our English Bible study about the Song of Solomon and I confessed that I'm a little bit afraid to stay at the hotel all by myself, because I look so much younger than my age...even here, not to add the USA "standard"! My friends encouraged me and told me that it will be okay because God is sending His angels to protect me. They even told me some experiences they had and I came home very encouraged. Before going to sleep I opened my inbox and I saw an email from the Luke18 Project and they said that they opened up a new camp and training facility where people could stay overnight for only $10 a night. That was quick...God provided a safe place for me and even made it so much cheaper than the hotel rooms. I couldn't believe it!
Afterwards I had to ask my friend if I could send the raised money by the fundraiser to her account because I wouldn't pay a fee if the card holder is an American. I wasn't sure how to address this issue but I simply told her what's it all about and she accepted without any hesitation.
The good news just kept flooding me: my sisters announced that they want to try something new for Christmas, so all of them will be taking me to the airport. They don't even know what this means to me...I know they aren't doing it only for me, but it's okay and don't even want them to. I'm totally honored to have them stand by me when my dream is coming true. I love all of them for sacrificing their night on Christmas just to be by my side. It's too precious to keep talking about it.
Adding to this: being with my dear friend from Oradea for a few hours before leaving to Budapest to take the flight. It's such an honor and joy. I'm overwhelmed by all that's been happening to me.
The only thing I had wished for on this trip was to buy a new iPhone for myself, but I didn't voice this desire to anyone, because I thought I was asking too much. Then yesterday I cleared some issues with paying  taxes. I went to an assistant who explained to me what I already knew, that I've been paying more money then I should've had to. So, he told me to not pay the actual taxes ($300) because I already paid for it beforehand. I wasn't ready to hear that, because they usually need a lot of time to process everything, but now it worked as if magically. I was asking myself if I am in a dream. I've even found myself questioning how everything fits like the pieces of a puzzle...but then God answered quietly and oh so gently "I will never given up the promises, I have given you... so you should never give up either. Although it would take 20 years for a dream, let me overwhelm and mesmerize you with my love because still believed that I will someday do it for you, never really knowing when."

Recently I just posted on an ihop post on FB, which was a question: "Onething is almost here! What city are you coming from?" and I wrote where I would come from... Then a girl replied to my comment who is also traveling from Oradea to the OneThing! We chatted a little and I really cherish her, even if I don't know her very well...I'm amazed at what God is doing in my life. She even helped me out with something I really didn't have a clue how to solve (I'm very thankful).

Then my friend Kelly brought me together with a person who will attend the Passion Conference to not be alone. She arranged for me to sit in Passion City Church's college group section so I can have a seat with her friends! Unbelievable...

Earlier this week I took part in a giveaway by Christina Reynolds, one of ihop's worship leaders and I hoped to win the VIP tickets for the OneThing Conference, but it wasn't the case. I was pretty sad, because I really had high hopes. After a while I checked my chat and saw that SHE wrote me and offered me two-front-row-seats for a session. I was more than amazed, I started running around the house to tell my family what God is doing for me. They were encouraged to see all the blessings that came over me while planning this trip.

What should I say after so many miracles taking place in my life...I'm more than ready for all that God holds for me on this trip. One thing I know for sure, that I'm not the same person than I was before all this has started to unfold in my life. I'm ready to be fully His and to love Him in abandonment. I will sing of His goodness and tell about His great works for the rest of my life. This will be my trip with God alone... I'm ready for it!


  1. it was pretty long, but it was worth to read it! Even if I heard all this through the time, it was very encouraging to read all this over again, knowing how lovely and perfect God everything planned for you! I`m encouraged by it and I know that He is so AWESOME and GREAT and PERFECT PLANNER. I could write a lot of things, but it would be too long...and usually I don`t write long comments! Awesome trip, dream coming true for you! <3 :*

    1. I love you, my dear! You're so kind and always supporting.


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