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The revelation

I've learned something awesome and I wanted to share it with you. We all know the story where Jesus speaks with a Samaritan woman at the Jacob's well. It's interesting how many mysteries there are in that passage. I've never thought of it like that. Let's see. The first interesting thing is that Jesus sat down at the Jacob's well. This well which represents all our corruption, all of the mixture, all the clever I-want-to-be-better-than-everybody-else...the old well. This well was closed by Jesus, because as He came, He SAT down. A Well sitting on a well. He really is a well. He closed a stream and opened up a living stream. Suddenly a woman came with a container and wanted to draw water. Jesus said to her: “Please give me a drink.”, but He spoke in mystery, going deeper, wanting to touch her heart not just have water. He was trying to bring her to think in a different realm, but she kept thinking about all the differences between him and her, where they worship, how they worship, Jerusalem, the mountain, questioning how He can give her living water...she was totally mixed up. 

The other thing: How many husbands did this woman have? Five! The thing behind it: we have five senses and it's like we're married to them. They stick to us and we're living with one husband that isn't. The number six is the number of man. This means we are living in a worldly human body. Jesus appears as the seventh man in this woman's life. The seventh husband- this would be the perfect Husband, if she asked. As He spoke to her, He revealed her something that touched her personally and she dropped her water-pot and became a water-pot herself carrying the living water and leaving the other water where it was. These fifteen minutes with Jesus revealing Himself to her have converted a city, because she ran into the city and there was something anointed about her confession: “Come and see a man who told me everything I ever did!” I think what she wanted to say was: “Come and see a man who told me everything I ever did, but loved me through it!” Information about her say that this woman's name was Photini. As we see, she was deleted from Church history. Why? Because she was a woman. You can do a research on her if you want and have time for it. Photini was recorded in history as one of the most powerful, anointed woman apostle ever to walk the earth. She walked with Peter, James and John. Her name was always linked to those three. She led city after city to Jesus and she even led Nero's brother to Jesus Christ, when she was in prison. 

Fifteen minutes with Jesus and you can change the world.

This concludes my short post! I just wanted to share this revelation with you! We should search for the mysteries in God's Words, which is full of life! I think it's something amazing! If we stick to our living-well we will never be thirsty again, that means we will never thirst for the earthly things, but be satisfied with Him, like letting Jesus close our Jacob's well and sit on it by ruling it ^_^

P.S.: If you want to listen to a detailed version of this, you can click here!


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