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I want to write just a few lines, which I felt like God wanted me to share with you. I won't be long, because I know how precious time is and I don't want you to read a lot, but live a lot ^_^ (hehe, just saying). 

What are you focusing on? Firstly, I'll ask you to watch this video...

We, people, can concentrate only on one thing at a time, although we suppose we can think about more things at once. But in reality we can focus only on one thing more than the other (the video is proof of that).

We can talk on a cell phone while driving to work, and we can compose complex sentences while typing. But, if you stop to reflect on it, you can only do those things at the same time because at least one of them is automatic. In the first case driving is automatic, and in the second case typing is automatic. You’ve done them so often that you’ve habituated to them: doing them doesn’t require any thinking. (Read more here)

It's so interesting...we were made to focus only on ONE thing at a time. And that should be Jesus! How awesome! The enemy can march or walk by and you won't even notice him, or as I like to say: you won't honor him not even with a glance...his not worth it! Focus your eyes on Jesus only, and set your mind on things above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God. I'm not saying it's easy, but I'm saying that it's possible.