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My sister, Elfriede, returned from Africa and I was encouraged by her stories and her joy. She was there for some weeks through YWAM (Youth With a Mission) to spread the Gospel and help, feed and clothe the poor. It's such a great way to show God to the people. It's sad that they only stayed for a few weeks, but I think it was something that neither of them will ever forget. I'm very proud of her and am happy that she got to experience this with God, the other missionaries and the Africans.
She was near the Kalahari desert in Namibia at a Romanian Christian Outreach Base: Kalahari New Hope Center.

Here's a video, which shows what they did in Africa. The video was made by my very talented sister, Linda:
Here are some pictures:
 Taking care of a little child :)
 She had to bathe many children every week.
 They gave them delicious food to eat.
 My sister taught the first generation of kindergarten children.
 They built a few houses for African families.
They showed the "Life of Jesus" movie in the African language. 
Almost none of them saw a movie in their life.


  1. Very good post!!!! Wow, I'm amazed how good you can write. Short but right to the point. Just a good writer can do that! Bravo :) But, that part with the very talented sister is not true.....

    1. I'm thinking about what I would read when I haven't got so much time...and then I know the answer: I would read something short and impacting. So, I try to keep my posts short. I'm happy you liked it and the part with the VERY talented sister is very true!


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