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I remembered something I wrote in an e-mail and I was refreshed by it and I was thinking: 'Wow, did I really write this? God, You're so majestic, I learn from my own writings :)' It really happens to me! I often read some of what I wrote in my journal years or months ago and I'm amazed at what I wrote ^_^ So I hope these lines will encourage you and make you to run to Jesus in each and every situation:
When I need advice... I find it in Jesus
When I need help... He reaches out His hands towards me to sustain me
When I need peace... He touches me and gives me the best SHALOM which exists
When I need a shoulder to cry on... He is available
When I needed freedom from my sins... He delivered me by giving His life for me (hm...)
When I need healing from sickness... He is the best doc I've ever seen or met before
When I need healing from my pains... He makes everything disappear
When I can't handle my circumstances I turn to Him... He becomes my care-taker
When satan is coming to tell me that 'you're a BIG nothing'... God comes with His gentle voice which touches my heart each and every time telling me 'Don't worry you're MY girl and that's what matters', 
When I feel I can't do what He asks me to do... He replies with words that can't be explained : 'I AM- I AM EVERYTHING YOU WILL EVER NEED ME TO BE, THE GOD IN WHOM NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE'
When I say 'God, I feel I can't take it anymore'... He says 'Give it to me, I'll carry it for you
When I seek His face with tears on my face... He gently smiles at me ^_^ and wipes my tears away 
When everyone leaves... He always remains at my side
When satan tries to separate me from my family/ friends/ relatives/ people... Jesus reminds me that NOTHING and NO ONE can't separate me from the LOVE of our Daddy
When the devil comes and tries to persuade me with earthly things... Jesus reminds me that all these things perish and nothing of it is eternal
When I start to rely on my own understanding... He reminds me that without Him I can do anything of worth, and I would inherit dryness... BUT if I seek, recognize and acknowledge Him, then He will direct and make my paths straight
When I try to figure out things on my own... He shows me how finite I am and how infinite He is
When I try to take control of everything... He reminds me that I have been crucified with Him and it is no longer I who live, but He lives in me
When I think highly of myself and compare myself to others... He reminds me of His grace and huge love which I never deserved (oh my goody...)

What else do you need (I'm asking myself the same question)? It's sooooo awesome, exciting and thrilling to live with Him... isn't it?


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