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Children's ministry

Geno, telling the story of Paul
In July we had a week with children and it was the start of the children's ministry. My heart was so happy when my sister told me that she feels that God wants to equip the children in our town to be a change for the town. She is such a blessing...I remember the time when she taught us at the Sunday School when we were children. I also remember how she led us (her siblings) to trust God in everything and pray. She's a true blessing in everybody's life. I can't forget her prayer, she used to pray: "Teach me to number my days aright, that I may gain a heart of wisdom" (Psalm 90:12). And believe me: she is sooo wise! I'm not saying she's perfect, but she loves the Lord more than anything and lives her life after God's Word. I'm thankful that God put her into my life. Thanks for everything, sister <3 You are very valuable and what you do makes a difference to all who surround you! 

Little Adi...I use to tell him, he's my boy ^_^

The first group of kids competing against the other group
We had five blessed days where we could teach the kids how much God loves them, how He wants to have a strong relationship with them and how they can change their circumstances if they work with Him. They learned about the lives of Zacchaeus the tax collector, Mephibosheth son of Jonathan, Noah and the flood, Paul the apostle, the Ethiopian eunuch. The stories were told by Geno, except Noah. God gave me the chance to tell the story of Noah and the ark comparing it to Jesus and the cross. God gave me such a revelation, I was amazed myself about the things I was telling. I've learned from it, too... After the stories there were questions to which the children had to answer to gain points and win a present. There were games which were made by Linda, who is a really great organizer and coordinator. The kids enjoyed playing the games she chose for them...I loved looking at them and seeing how enthusiastic they were.


Yenda, she's sooo cute!

Answering the questions after the Bible-story.

goofing around :))

Dani...he wants to show everybody that he CAN!

the daily verse :)


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