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I want to write today about God's ways of teaching me and I also want to write about children. 

Now that I teach/tutor children I truly realized how important it is to show a child how much you value him and love him. God taught me hard lessons which I did not understand when I was going through them. When I was a child I was ridiculed at school. There were some reasons...but one of them was that I was a Christian. I hated it and I sometimes even told that I'm not a Christian only to have peace (which I didn't)...and believe me it was true- I wasn't. In those days I wasn't a Christian, only my family was and I myself didn't have a deep relationship with Jesus, only going to church and having a sticker "christian". My colleagues laughed about me, because I was so quiet and didn't speak so much...but what else could I have done? I was hurt and I tried to hide everything so that nobody can see it. I was angry at God that He made everything so hard for me. It didn't feel good. Now, I know it wasn't God who put me in those situations, BUT as God always does, He used the worst things in my life for my good. Now I can't laugh about or ridicule a person even though what they say is true (e.g. he has a big nose). I hate mocking others or ridiculing them in any way. I respect each and every person and remember of how I felt when others ridiculed me. I tutor a little girl, who is a little bit overweight and has difficulties in learning. I saw her need for love and acceptance. I showed her that I love her as she is and that I believe in her capacity to do more...believe me, the love which I give her, returns to me in such an abundant way, because she loves me so much...I think I've never seen such a unique love before. I can feel with those children and try to show them that the others who bully them aren't telling the truth, but they are afraid to be mocked, so they mock others.

Then there was a physical problem which I had when I was little. I had pigeon- toed feet (I suppose that's how it's called...) and my parents took me to several doctors to do exercises on walking straight. Praise God for that. But what I've learned from this is to respect those people who are physically handicapped. There is a little boy at our home for several months, who is handicapped. He lives with us because his mother just gave birth to a second baby boy and didn't know how to handle the little fellow by her own. The mother didn't have anybody else with whom she could have left him and we accepted to help her. When I saw the boy I "fell in love" with him. He's so cute and happy, always smiling and being very attentive. He can't speak, but he tries. He calls me Jojo, because he can't spell 'r' or 's'. I once put on some music and took him into my arms and danced with him. Since then, when he sees me, he wants me to dance with him. What a great privilege to dance with such a great guy...hihi! The best companion! I feel such a joy when I see him laughing and trying to do some dance moves by his own. I also play a game with him which he likes very much. He's adorable. 

God has such wonderful ways to teach us through every circumstance. The children need us, our love, our affection, our acceptance, our time because we needed others when we were little, too.


  1. Great post sis'!

    1. Thanks, it was a little bit hard to put them down...I thought about it, but I'm happy God led me through and knowing how great He works ^_^

  2. This is all very true. All people, especially children, are looking for is love and acceptance. I am truly thankful for people like you who are willing to love people just the way they are. We need more of your kind in this world.

    1. Thank you for these kind words! I think we, Christians, should be like that. Sometimes we have to learn though lessons through life, which take us closer to God and then we realize how big His love for people is, especially those who are despised or ridiculed by the community. Thank you for your really is up-lifting ^_^


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