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Hannah ^_^

Oh myyyyy... I can't believe she did it...but it's true...I really wanted to do this and write a post about somebody I've met recently face to face, but she took the step before me :) and wrote about me...really interesting. God works in such marvelous ways...but I still don't understand how could it happen this way :)) Really funny! *I want to thank Hannah for the post: thaaaaaank you very much my dear friend, it was a real surprise to me, I'm still overwhelmed (in a good way)! You're so dear to me, too!*

So, when I first met Hannah on Shelfari, it was her pic which I liked very much, then what she wrote about herself (but I don't remember the words anymore...eeee :( it's soooo sad) and afterwards her christian books on her shelf which made me stop and request her friendship. After only ONE (comment)-reply we exchanged e-mail addresses and wrote each other. 

What Hannah forgot to mention is that we have more in common than just that we love each other's country...First, we both are in love with JESUS, who means everything to us (I'm sure this is the most important thing which unites us ^_^ ). Second, she's a Messianic Jewish Christian and as everybody knows I have a special place in my heart for Jews :) Third, she felt that God's calling her to serve Him in Romania at Casa Shalom; here the name SHALOM brings us closer, because my Church is called Shalom Christian Center (hihi). Fourth, she has a sister which is a journalist and who is her best friend forever; I too have a sister which is studying at the faculty of journalism and who is my best friend. Fifth, Hannah finished her degree in English (if I remember well), which I finished too, also in English (even if I studied an additional language- German). Sixth, we both are charismatic Christians (yeheah). Seventh, we both are single and didn't have a date till now (can't believe it? But it's true and I'm so happy and proud about it). Eighth, we both like to read. Ninth, we both have German ancestry and have German names. Tenth, we both are physically tall girls, as I realized :)) Eleventh, we both like to dance :) Twelfth, we both are tutors (as I read on FB).......can this be all? I don't know...but I'm sure God's hand is in this friendship. He promised to give me friends chosen by Him...I never would've thought of Hannah, I'm serious, because she lives thousands of kilometers far from my place and she's a true blessing in someone's life. Only God can choose such people...and I was grateful and so very thankful for His choice! I lost some friendships through my life and it hurts so much to loose precious people, but God was always there comforting me and giving me somebody who not replaced the lost-friend but showed me that God is faithful and never lets one down. Oh, I would shout to let people know how perfect it is to live with GOD!

Hannah, you are a blessing, encouragement and joy for me, even if we are many miles apart...I miss you too and I can't wait to have you back here!!!! As I told you when we said 'goodbye' to each other, GOD HAS BIG THINGS PREPARED FOR YOU!- I'm sure of that and I can't wait to hear about them ;) God bless you and guide you through everything! 
Your Romanian sister (do you remember that a Romanian man asked us if we were sisters? :) hihi)
~Rose ^_^


  1. This is too much (!!!), but thank you, Rose dear. How right you are...there is so much, and funny little things too (like that guy thinking we were sisters) that unites us. It's really really good. :D


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