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In God's heart I am...accepted

Hey you,

the one wondering if you’re enough,
if you’d be loved if anyone really knew you—
turn your heart this way for a moment,
then lean in and listen close…
You’ve got it.
You don’t have to look any further
than the hands of the One who made you,
the heart of the One who loves you.
You’re welcomed, held,
cherished just as you are
and encouraged to grow
into all you’ll become.
So hold your heart and head high;
look the world in the eyes and say…
“I’m His. I’m loved.
I’m already accepted today.”

–excerpt from God’s Heart for You, Embracing Your True Worth as a Woman by Holley Gerth


  1. “I’m His. I’m loved.
    I’m already accepted today.” I can also say it!


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