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This is great and it is very thought-provoking!
Who is on the first place of your life?

This question followed me through my new life (2 Corinthians 5:17) and God helped me to discover the things which took sometimes His place in my life! With His help I can let Him sit on the place which is"I can let Him"? Who am I? Who am I to let Him occupy it? I'm just a human being, who withers like grass and drops off like a flower, but still GOD lets me to have my choice in giving Him the first place, what a loving GOD...what a perfect God...oh,He's so great!!!


  1. I like people who go in simple way. + and - , is it god?

  2. Hi.. So glad to meet you. You have a nice blog!! Here i am to follow you. We have to let God take his place in our heart. It is the best for our life. Be Blessed!!!


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