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Why still here?

I thought about the reason why and how God chooses places for people to live in. It's really interesting to just think a little bit about it...Or perhaps it's only exciting for me, I don't know. I heard from many people: 'I just want to leave this town, these people... this country. As soon as I finish school/ college, I'm out of here.' And believe me, many of those who said this, really left the town or even the country- my closest friends, my relatives, my neighbors, etc. When I was younger I was also thinking like that...I have to admit. I thought life can't go on in this country, because it's very hard to make a living and the people are very strange (couldn't find a better word). I had many chances to leave the country...with scholarship to Germany, to live in an European country, because I can speak and understand a handful of languages, to start my life anew somewhere else, etc. My parents even had the chance to move with the entire family to another country. So, there were many occasions... You ask yourself then why I'm still here? I've asked myself the same question...and with time I realized that if everybody is leaving/running away who will remain to change this country into something better and who will make the difference in Romania? And why did God put me here, if He could've put me very easily in another country? What did He choose for my life here?


Aren't these questions a little bit hard to answer?

There are many things I have learnt about these facts...I'll come back with further posts related to this...because it's something with which we confront.

I would be very happy to hear your opinion about this... It really means a lot ^_~