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This is a special post...It's for my sister Linda (Lil) who I love sooo much and want to bless for her birthday ^_^ Yeah, I'm a little bit late (with a half an hour), but it doesn't matter because every day is a special day and a new opportunity to bless people...I hope you'll forgive me...I know you will (Luv ya)!

Linda, thank you for being present in every big moment of my life and for loving me as I am. You're a big, big blessing to me and I appreciate everything you did and still do for me. We went through many things together, the pictures here are just a really tiny part (I didn't have all pics here and it wouldn't have place here). I'll always be here for you if you need me and I hope I'll be a good sister in the future :D I think we have the best memories which someone can have, isn't it! We shared so many things: thoughts, tears, clothes, laughter, joy, ideas, and so much more.
Many people say we're twins (you know that)...since we were little...I still ask myself if everybody sees that we're twins. Are we really looking that similar? God made us, so He knows why He chose me and you to resemble.

God blessed you with wonderful skills, abilities, talents and qualities...and it's great to watch how you dedicate your life to God!

You're unique and special to me!

God shall overflow you with His rich blessings...thank you for being MY BEST FRIEND, SISTER AND HELPER! God is preparing big things for your future, I can't wait to see them fulfilled! Walk in Jesus' steps, as you did till now!


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  2. Have I seen this post before and not commented on it? I can't believe it! Thanks sis' are special to me too :* You are a great sister and a great friend. Thank you!


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