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An unreserved love

This song is one of my favorite songs, since I've first heard it I keep singing and singing it! It's really something that touches one's heart. I like the words, which are perfectly chosen and put together in such a harmony.
The person, who sings this beautiful song with her awesome voice, gives those words a great flow and musicality.
The words which struck me most, were:

You were there when I needed You most
I'll never walk all alone
On the cross You died and took away my curse
LOVE so wondrous no one ever could deserve
Your bleeding hands proved Your LOVE unreserved
You're my greatest joy and treasure on the earth
Make my life a fragrant offering I pray
Help me Lord to serve You truly every day
Through tears and joy I'll give You all my praise
Let the whole world know Your LOVE and GRACE!

When I sing these words, I feel like flying ... or ... fallen in love, yeah, those are the words I needed. Really! It's like opening my heart, telling Jesus how muuuuch I appreciate His sacrifice and LOVE for me and asking Him to help me to serve Him truly in my daily walk.

What do you think about the song? Please let me know...and start singing it ;)


  1. I love this song too. It`s very beautiful because it strengthens me. It`s one of my favorites even if I usually like other type of music, but such songs it couldn`t be disliked. :)

  2. Thank you for posting this song... beautiful wording...
    Oh, this song is my prayer! My cry... so graceful! Thanks again, Rose. Bless you.


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