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Snow in Romania

The last few weeks snow fell almost every day upon our country and many people are struggling with the big snow. Sadly the people give all the fault to the authorities, who (they say) are incapable to do anything to help people. There are only very few people who bless the authorities, even among Christians...they forget about Romans  13:1. I think the authorities do what they can, but they don't give their best.

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The roads are full of snow and it is very hard to drive from one place to another.

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If you still try to drive, you could have this surprise as the man waving in the car. 

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 At least 74 people died so far, because of this weather and bad conditions. Some were found dead and others are trapped in their own houses (I heard about a pregnant woman who had to give birth to her child at home). 
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 The houses of the people are dressed in white. Many schools are closed because of the big snow and the blizzard.

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People and the news say, we haven't had such a snow since 1954.

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Please pray for Romania and its people. Pray for those who are too old, poor or sick to do anything. And pray that those who can do something to help others in need. Pray for the families who are suffering because of this weather. 
PRAY especially for the Romanians to get closer to God and to not accuse God for everything.

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Also thank God for being faithful to you, wherever you are, giving you a warm place to be in. I'm also thanking God for the situation in our town. The snow isn't very high and there aren't big problems with it, like in other places. God protected us and showed us favour, but that doesn't mean we have to forget about those who need our help or are in trouble and need our prayers.