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God knows the desires of your heart (2)

God is really amazing. He amazes me every time. I was planning to buy myself a laptop, because I really needed one. I have a PC which I used and which was very faithful to me :) As I started my Master's Degree I needed a laptop, because I had to go to the city where I'm studying every weekend.

I know (because I've experienced it) that when you need something then you have to sow a seed first, on which God can turn water. So my sister who had to write her diploma paper and needed a laptop to work on Photoshop, Web design, etc. more than I needed it then. I really wanted to help her, so I took the opportunity to bless somebody with the exact thing I need and let God take my wish over. Thus I decided to give her some money. She bought a Dell and she wrote an awesome diploma paper and still uses it with such a blessing. She is a very talented "Photoshopist", web designer, journalist, etc. I was very happy for her and I knew God knows the time when I'll have my laptop. I didn't want to buy an Acer because one of my sisters had one, and it broke down after only a year of using it.
This year I started to put some money away for my laptop. It was pretty hard because I needed money for my braces, for my studies and for my family. I put everything into God's hands and I did my work as well as I could with His help, of course. I told myself I will wait till Bleak Friday when prizes drop immensely. I always wanted to buy a Dell because my sister who reads a lot of reviews and informs herself about things, said that Dell is among the top laptops and people are satisfied with what they've bought. So, from the beginning I wanted a Dell. As Black Friday was approaching my dad and brother who are geeks started telling me that Hp is also good and a little bit cheaper. I didn't know what to say, but I was convinced I will buy a Dell. When Black Friday came I saw that there wasn't any Dell discount, but the Hp laptops were very reduced so I decided to buy a Hp. I woke up early in the morning (5 am) to be able to buy it, but I wasn't sure that I was doing the right thing. So I waited till my sisters woke up at 6 am. They told me to buy it, so when I clicked to buy the Hp, it was already sold out. I was so sad and in a way angry that I haven't clicked sooner. But my wise sisters were there to sustain me and to encourage me. They told me that God will give me a better one and that these laptops are only earthly things they won't last forever. I was struggling with myself because one part of me told God: "Lord I spoke everything with You related to this fact and now what's happening?" The other part was thinking on the words which my sisters planted into my heart. 

After all, I prayed out loud and thanked God for knowing what He does and that I will always rely on Him. It was hard, but that was all I said. Then my life went on. When I was tutoring Bethany's children, they asked me to show them on their laptop how to put something from the internet on their phones. When I saw the laptop I didn't like it so much (especially its design), but then I saw that it was exactly such a Hp laptop which I wanted to buy on Black Friday. As I told Bethany that I wanted to buy a laptop like hers, she told me she isn't satisfied with it and that I should buy another one. So, I was very happy and thankful to God that He is so amazing and that He really knows what He is doing. I started to look after Dell laptops, but I couldn't find any for the money I had. Finally I found a great Dell laptop but it was too expensive. So I told myself I'll wait to have some more money and then I'll buy it. Guess what... Amazingly my boss, gave me a Christmas present (money), so I had enough money to buy the laptop I wanted. Not only I could buy it, but it was reduced for Christmas. So I had the chance to buy a bag and a cooler for my new laptop, too. Isn't God the best. I really experienced His grace and love so many times, He really is awesome. I'm full of gratitude and love towards Him. He really is my everything. I thank Him for my beloved sisters who are always there to help and to encourage me. I love them so much and I appreciate every minute spent with them, even if sometimes it doesn't look like that. I don't know where that comes from that after you turn 18, you have to leave your parent's house and make a living for yourself. I really searched in the Bible to see if it's based on it, but I rather found the opposite. As I also analyzed the Jewish family, I realized that the youth doesn't leave home until they get married. And sometimes they don't leave at all, but build a house at the side of their parents' house (I wouldn't think about that :p ). Every day I'm blessed to learn something new from my parents and siblings even now as I'm working and am an adult. I think every situation is different. God works and shows everyone what they have to do. But the idea that you HAVE TO leave home when you finish school is foolish. I know a family who did it like that and the parents told the children that when they are 18 they have to look after themselves. Their daughter still struggles and can't really find her place. It's so sad to look at them. Anyway, back to my topic. I thank God that I still have my family around. I ordered the laptop on the 5th and on the 6th December I was holding it in my hands. It has everything I wanted on it (awesome design, nice touchpad, Bluetooth, HD camera, etc.). It's more then I could have imagined. I'll make a really short summary to both of them.
my Dell
So, the one I wanted to buy firstly was a Dell Inspiron N5110:
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core, B950, 2100 MHz
Hard Drive: 320 GB, 5400 RPM

The one I finally bought: Dell Inspiron N5520:
Processor: Intel Core i7, 3612 QM, 2100 MHz
Hard Drive: 1 TB, 5400 RPM 

I want to encourage you to trust God in every little area of your life. You won't bother Him with little things, because He wants to know everything and to be involved in every area of your life. I really want to get to know Him better with every breathe I take. He is full of surprises and He brings things together which we really wouldn't ever imagine or think of. God's awesome and I love Him and enjoy living with Him.