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On the Mission Field

At the beginning of September I was invited by great people to translate for some Austrian people. At first I was reluctant to go, but God encouraged me and gave me courage to do it for His glory. So, I accepted the invitation because of Him! He promised to give me the words to speak and that He'll be near to me along these days: oh, He's so faithful to His words... that's how it was. I felt Him accompanying me everywhere I went.

I feel like I shouldn't write about what we did there, because we did it for God's glory and I'm bragging about Him and His awesomeness, not about what some people or I, myself, do or did.

I want to encourage you to trust God through every circumstance and to rely on Him for help! He's always there for you. Listen to His voice... I'm convinced that you also delight in hearing your Bridegroom's voice as I do. So, invest in this relationship!

Here are some pics with my comments to them:

I never was in such a slum as this... it's true,
 I saw many poor people and God showed me inferior
living conditions,  but this was so horrible.
I was crying to God for these men,
women and children... crying for mercy.
My heart broke when I saw that place! 

Kids playing at a broken keyboard...

They need help, but not just material help...
what they really need is a family!

Cooking outside

This is how the "houses" look like!

Being eager for the kids program...
but what happens after we leave? Hm...
my heart is aching for them!

They need people to show them Love, not just
during a day, but more then that...

This incident touched my heart deeply: these kids' house is that place outside,  which you can see in the background picture. I wanted to make them a picture because they were so precious; smiling brightly and hugging each other. So lovely... aren't they (in the two pics)? 

This cute little girl stuck with me during our visit!
I'm thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to grow closer to Him and to understand (a little bit of) His heart for people. 


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