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Serving ^_^

The group from Soromiklea
I was asked by a group from Switzerland to help with translating. I'm always very happy when God opens doors to serve. So, I rejoiced when I was asked again to translate for these wonderful people, who use to come every summer. I translated at the VBS (Vacation Bible School) and I was very blessed by God with occasions in which I saw children rejoicing and my heart leaped when I felt the love of God for them...It was soooo interesting, because I have never felt like that. It's such a great feeling and abundant love! I started loving the kids so much! It was such a great feeling and experience... a new level! 
The stories
which I translated were from a German book: Nicht wie bei Räubers... A great book not only for children but for adults, too.

This cute little boy was always smiling and I enjoyed looking at him.

When I saw the houses and the villages where the gypsies live, I thanked God for giving me such grace and I was praying for them, that they might find a way out of there and that they return to help each other. 

Translating in Vanatori!

Crafts with cute children. I made them "queen" necklaces and they helped me as they could...

Little Tom sitting in the arms of His King, making him a son of His!
Playing...and showing some love :)
Whenever I see this picture I smile...she's so cute!
After eating a banana.

"But the needy will not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the afflicted ever perish." Psalm 9:18


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