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Club Beyond- part 3

That week I met great people who allowed me to have a peek into their lives. I will remember every person who talked to me, shared his/her partner-life with me, played with me, helped me to work at the playground, sang a song, tossed the Frisbee at me, sat by my side, painted my face, hugged me, gave me earrings, gave me two bracelets with SP, chatted with me while waiting at the showers, greeted me by always using my name, interviewed me for an article, asked me to write words in Romanian in his notebook, spoke with me a few words in German, invited me to sit at the table, ...everything is stored somewhere special. So, don't forget that everything you do for someone else is very special even if you think it's nothing or 
wasted time. I can tell you for sure: IT ISN'T WASTED! 

This was on my heart: to encourage you to live your life as if the person next to you is someone very special to you and you want to make his/her life brighter ^_^ In a word: live more like Jesus!

the Turkey-team and me

she's so gorgeous

he's a talented speaker and very smart young man

great girls

 building the playground 

he helped us with putting sand in buckets 

VBS and two amazing girls

the whole team in Mănăstireni


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