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Being protected!

I read a post about an ‘angelic’ encounter (you can read it too, if you want by clicking here) and I remembered about an experience which I had in 2009. Wow!!! That was amazing... It was when I was in the 1st year of my Bachelor's Degree and I was really close to God and relying on Him constantly (not that I'm not doing it anymore, but then it was pretty new to walk with Him that closely). I've lost the train, which had a connection to my town. So I had to take a train which didn't have a connection to my town. I stood in a bigger town for an hour to wait for the other train to come. It was late (10 pm) and I was alone in a train station on a winter day. It was a cold day, so I went in the waiting room to warm myself up. I didn't have any idea about things going on there. I saw vagrants and 'cool' young people standing there. One of the vagrants told me something but I made myself deaf and went on. They were speaking and laughing about something I didn’t know. 

Then suddenly an older man appeared and asked me what I'm doing there, didn't I know what place that was. I told him I had no idea and then he told me to not be afraid 'cause he's with me. We spoke about life and then I wanted to share the Gospel with everyone I met, so I thought it was a nice opportunity to tell this man about Jesus. So we went on speaking about God. I asked him where he was going and he told me, he's going to the opposite direction in which I had to go. It was interesting that he stood with me until I had to leave. Then as I was heading to the train, I watched the train scheduler, because I wanted to know how much this nice man had to wait there. I didn’t saw a train going in that direction…I looked back and tried to find him with my eyes, but he was nowhere to see. I couldn’t even thank him for staying with me for that time. As I was in the train I spoke about this incident with God and thanked Him for sending me this man to protect me. Can you imagine in what danger I was? I was walking there among those people without knowing that they were bandits.  O my… I remember how nicely I walked through that place and all those eyes were watching me =)) I’m so thankful to God that He is always there for me! He is my Shelter forever!