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About Me

Hey! I'm happy to see you on the 'Me'-page! The name of my blog (as you saw) is roseonaish and it is composed of 3 words: Rose/ on/ aish... 'Rose' is my name and 'aish' means 'fire' on Hebrews. 'Aish' can also mean 'light' or 'flame' and it is used in phrases like 'flame of romance' and 'flame of memory'. The first time I chose the name for my blog this additional meaning of the word 'aish' wasn't known by me. I chose it, because I'm on fire for my Lord and Savior and totally in love with Him and I felt that this fits best, also because of the Hebrew origin...I love Israel and its people. I'm happy that He chose me to be a member of His great family. I'm sure that God has a special plan for my life and I want to please Him with my whole life.

I... a daughter of the King of kings and Lord of lords, that makes me a Princess :) married to the best Husband, looking from the physical point of view --> I'm a single born in 1988  ^_~ my family to read books which build my faith to talk a lot with and about God to help people find the truth to help the poor to teach and tutor children good music a lot to praise and worship God to play my piano for God's glory taking and editing pictures to act on the Word of see it happen in my life

^_^ you have to know that what I write is for the glory of God, because I do everything for His glory! I pray to God to use my writings...

Shalom my dear reader!