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USA adventure (I): a trip for only the Two of Us

I finally came to the point to write my adventure down. I've been asked again and again to relate the things I went through after I visited the States and what I liked most of the trip of my dreams. I will start a series, because I have so many things to tell that I can't do it in a post. After having all the Christmas preparations and celebrations at the kindergarten and after celebrating Christmas Eve together with the family and friends, we've been traveling to Budapest on the first day of Christmas. Why I say "we", is because all of my four sisters accompanied me to the airport to see my dream come true. I think this one thing was one of the greatest gifts they have ever given me. Not just the fact that they came with me on the first day of Christmas, but they also sacrificed a night's sleep because my plane was taking off early in the morning on the 26th December which meant that we had to be on our way during the night. While preparing to board the plane I was pretty excited and I prayed that my sisters would know and realize how much it meant to me to look back after going through security and see them wave at me for the last time that year. I'm so proud and happy to have such godly and loving sisters. I never had better friends than they are to me. 

As I was flying toward Paris where my connecting flight was, I saw something so pretty that it left me awe-struck and amazed by my Creator: the sun rise. I was like a child peering out the window throughout the whole flight, although it wasn't my first time flying with a plane and I didn't care, because my heart was singing praises to God for making such a beautiful sky with so many colors and so much detail. As I was praising Him I realized there was something on the sky and I started taking pictures to look at it closer, but I couldn't because all of them were blurry. Then I heard a small voice saying: "Even the angels dance to worship God for the choice He has made in creating the sunrise with its colors. They are declaring His beauty every morning by dancing in the skies for His glory!" So I thought to myself: "Could it be? Are those angels? Have I just seen angels or am I too excited to sit on a plane to America and am making up stuff?" My head started doubting that it can be true, but still I praised God more. After that, I heard a voice again, this time saying: "You're praising Me together with the angels for giving you this beautiful burning sunrise." The trip just began and He already showered me with such blessing. 
  Arriving in Paris I had to hurry because I only had an hour to board my connecting flight. It was very crowded at the airport because of Christmas (I never thought so many people would spend their Christmas on a plane). I had to hurry, which literally meant that I ran, stood in very long lines, boarded a bus, went with an elevator and ran again when I heard that there was a last call for my flight and I wasn't on it yet. I started getting anxious about losing my flight and prayed that I may get there in time. Finally, I got there exactly on time and was relieved. I thanked and praised Him for making it on time. The airplane was very comfortable, but I couldn't sleep although there was a long trip in front of me. I enjoyed looking outside the window and constantly checking on a map to see the place I'm above. I loved staring at the white clouds, the deep light blue sky and some beautiful snowy mountains in Greenland, which were mind-blowing. You might think, I'm getting too excited about normal things, it's okay...I don't care, I'm usually easily captivated by nature and whatever God made, may it be even the blue sky, which we so often see. To prove you how amazing my God is, I'll show you a picture which I've taken from the plane with one of the mountains I marveled at for hours. This picture was taken before reaching Los Angeles, my destination point. 

Do you see a letter there? I took the picture without knowing that the letter "R" was there. I have seen the letter only afterwards, while looking at the pictures (lower part, if you haven't already spotted it). I thought I'm not seeing well. I have to admit, it was a sweet sign from Him to me and maybe you might think I overreact AGAIN, but Jesus told me that He knows my name and He is with me throughout my trip which I dedicated to us both: a trip for me and Him alone. Like lovers go on trips together, I went with Him on this one. That's when He gently told me "I love you wherever you are, even when you are up in the skies looking down and don't expect Me to surprise you!" After returning home I researched for the "R" written on a mountain (I haven't photoshopped it, if that was in your mind) and I found out some things about it. If you want you can read more by clicking here.

I want you to know through this post that you belong to Jesus and you are truly desired by Him. Find your identity in this truth and then you are able to love Him with all your heart. He loved you before you were anything, because He loved you before you were born (He first loved you). I'm a lover of God and His enjoyment of me is the greatest power of my life. This trip showed me through all the little things how much He desires and searches to capture my heart. People can prevail in circumstances and situations, but they can never conquer my heart. 
The victory in our lives that God promises won't always be in circumstances, but it will surely grow our heart's capacity in love if we learn to come to Him at any given time. Be it with a concern (losing the flight), doubt (angles?), inspiration (the "R"), marvel (beauty and majesty of the mountains), etc. His love for me and you is a powerful all-consuming passion that includes deep delight, desire, enjoyment, yearning, pleasure, etc. Jesus said: "...they may experience the same endless love that You have for Me, for Your love will now live in them, even as I live in them!" What God mostly desires is "you" and I can tell you that there's nothing more pleasant and precious to our hearts than to be empowered to feel a few of the things He feels. I pray that He may 

"lead your hearts into a full understanding and expression of the love of God..." (2 Thess. 3:5).


  1. Lovely! I am very glad for your experience, Rose! I also love to admire the beauty of nature and I find peace in just sitting and looking at everything He created! I did that ever since I was a kid! I can imagine you had plenty time to do that while you were flying, and I am happy for you! I'm looking forward to reading more posts from you and I wish you lot of blessings, Rose! <3

    1. Thank you! That makes the two of us, hehe! Good to know. Btw. there's a quote from C.S. Lewis that came to mind, which says "Friendship ... is born at the moment when one man says to another "What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . ." Blessings to you back <3


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