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What now?

Hey friends,

God has been working in my heart in the last days and I feel His immense love forming and molding me for something new to come! I don't know what it really is, but I'm sure it's going to be something which will bring me closer to Him. 

This week I was thinking about my life and how I wish to be continually overflowed by His Spirit to live differently... to live exactly after the Word of God, to go out and speak boldly about my love for Jesus. 
As you all know I want to go to a Bible school in Germany this year, but I realized that time is running out. I'll finish my Master's Degree this summer with God's help and I don't know exactly if God's plan for me is to do school for another 3 years. I don't want to learn so much and do so little. I've been feeling in my spirit that God can teach me everything I need to know to serve Him best there where I am. I'm so eager to let God do what HE WANTS WITH ME and my whole life. I want to do whatever He has planned for me. That's why I'm not so sure anymore if I'll go to a Bible School. I won't go anywhere if God hasn't anointed me. I still pray for discernment and revelation. I want to ask you to join me in prayer if you want.

It's weird, because in the first place I wished to do a Bible school in the US and then I saw a path which leaded towards Germany... and now, I'm a little bit confused not knowing exactly what my Daddy wants. I'm here to hear His voice and I'm ready to do anything He wants and anything which brings Him glory! My heart's wish is to be totally for God, every breath I take to be for Him... I'm longing for my Savior so much!! I want to walk in His presence as I live here on this earth and to obey His Words by searching for Him with all my heart.
Lord, open my eyes to see the wonderful truth in Your Word. I always tell You my plans and I know you'll answer. Teach me! I have chosen to be faithful to You and I have determined to live by Your Word. I cling to You! You know that if You will help me I will run to follow Your commands. Give me understanding and I will obey, I will put it into practice with all my heart. Give me eagerness for Your Plan. Turn my eyes from worthless things, and give me Your unfailing love. How I delight in You, how I love every word of Yours! You are the music of my life, Lord. You have done so many good things for me, please guide me further on. You made me, you created me, you saved me, surround me with Your tender mercies, for You are my DELIGHT! Look down on me with love and teach me Your ways. I pray with all my heart, please answer me and I will obey!


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