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Dear to my heart

I had on my heart to write about a dear woman from our church! She is not a new member anymore, 'cause she has grown into our hearts and we love her very much. She is so dear to me!
She heard about our Church from a member of our Church in the market and she wanted to visit it. As she visited it, she felt close to us and found Jesus...she got baptized and she lives with God since then. 
I don't know why, but I love her as a granny! On Tuesday it's her birthday and that gave me courage to write about her. I'm grateful to have her in my life (:

I know God will use her to be a light to her family and that He will use her to speak to them...she prays for them very much.
God loves those who seek Him and want to live their whole lives according to His Words! And I know that God has a plan even with her, I say 'even' because she is older now. But God has a plan for each and every one in this world, even for the older ones, but the question is if you accept His plan for your life.

God bless this dear woman and He shall give her everything she needs to get closer and closer to His presence ^_^


  1. great post, Rose :) i like your posts too :D

  2. Thanks, but I'm not writing something great...I just write what's on my heart :p


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