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Her Love Story

I wanted to write a post this Valentine’s Day about my blessed and sweet friend and her love story. Her story magnifies God and speaks about how God is truly able to write an awesome love story here on earth for those who wait on Him to do it and trust His guidance. My American friend’s name is Chynna Love Reece, but I met her as Chynna Love Lee. The first time I read her name I loved her and I knew I wanted to meet her closer. I don’t know exactly when I first ended up on her blog, but I think it was the beginning of the year 2011. What I really admire is her humble spirit and her love for Jesus. She is so precious to my heart! In 2011 she started to do a dating fast, where she committed to be single for a whole year to grow closer to God and to find true satisfaction in His love. She started an internship at a church where there was an Australian student, called Callum. She heard a lot of things about him and wanted to meet him, so she sent him a short message on Facebook "I've heard so much about you. I will be the youth intern this summer... Will you be coming back?" He replied her but she thought she shouldn’t keep contact to him, but God had other plans for her. Hoping to avoid being put in the category with people who date someone that they have only met online, Chynna tried pretending her feelings for Callum were nothing. God knew her desires and made a point to ask her what her intentions were. While in prayer, she committed to a year to being single. She told God that if it was His will that she would end up with the young man in Australia, then He would have a year to bring him to her. So after the Facebook message, Callum started being interested in her life. In the third message he sent, he said, "Honestly, I talk about the USA and my time there so much that most of my friends insist I marry an American so I can just move there". All of Chynna’s friends had said the same thing about her, because all she talked about was Australia. I couldn't help, but think that he was the one I would marry.

The only problem was, he was interested in a few other things and was distracted from her for a while. His responses started getting slower and she knew how much she loves people, regardless of how much love they show her love, so she put up a wall in order to guard her heart. She stopped messaging him, the last message she sent said that she was going somewhere and would respond once she got there. That never happened. He sent her a message twenty days later and said, "Haha, I didn't think .... [the place] was THAT far away!" This is the point where she started praying for him. There was a time when he was looking to other girls and that was very hurtful for Chynna, so she prayed more. She prayed that no woman would be with him except his wife. She prayed that one girl in particular would STOP distracting him. As tears rolled down her face, she pleaded with God and asked Him to allow them to be on the same page. God answered her prayer that day, because she got on Skype and spent some good time talking with him. After a few weeks went by, Callum told her how God had shown him the control this girl had taken and God told him the same night that she prayed. This is when she knew that God was behind their relationship.
Every time that she prayed a specific request for Callum, he would mention how God was directing his thoughts in that exact way. He had no idea what she had prayed. One example was, that she knew that her husband would have the same heart for Africa that she had, but Callum did not have it. She prayed that God would change his heart, so that she could tell him her dreams. Interestingly, God heard her request IMMEDIATELY. Even that night Callum got on Skype and said, "This is going to sound strange, but earlier when I was praying, God laid Africa on my heart". He talked of how he always knew people who went to Africa and that he had no plans to go, but suddenly God had given him a heart to go. Another example is that she always knew her husband would preach. So she prayed that God would reveal to Callum the calling on his life and help him to see that he would preach. Again in the same night Callum got on Skype and said "Earlier when I was praying, God was talking to me about preaching". He went on to mention that his friend had recently asked him to preach at a church the next Sunday. So within a week he was preaching. Chynna couldn’t believe what she was experiencing.
Every time they talked, they talked for hours and hours. They have never had a really short conversation, so they were always getting to know each other as much as possible. They have talked at least four hours a week. When Chynna got her iPhone she started using iMessage with Callum and that allowed them to talk as often as they wanted all throughout the day, not just to send one message a day. She really saw that it was a gift from God. Callum's genuine concern for her spiritual well-being had always been very attractive to her and his leadership was all she had ever asked for. They realized that they were in love with each other. They did not have to say "I love you" or even admit their deepest feelings, they just knew. God had so ordained their steps the entire time that they could not doubt that He had led them to one another.
A few months later Callum and Chynna discussed their desire to marry and to be together as soon as possible. It was refreshing for both of them to finally say what was on their hearts for so long. From that day on, they had had so much fun dreaming of their future life together without fear or doubt. To some people, their love for one another did not seem possible. This was because they were afraid, but they had no fear. They walked by faith. Callum was willing to crucify his feelings, emotions, and pains in order that Chynna would be honored. He would’ve loved to jump on the plane and ask her to marry him then... but, because he knew that it is not appropriate because she needed to finish her fast, he waited till the day came. Some people have tried to shovel their opinions Chynna’s way and she was grateful for their concern, but she heard stuff like: "what if he has a lisp?" or "you need to take this really slow" or "he may not be who you think he is". They have agreed to stand in purity together. Their love for God was stronger than their love for one another. Their first desire was to bless God with their relationship. God had been so kind to allow them to love each other before her season of singleness had ended and they rejoiced that He had given them each other.
This is what she wrote about him before meeting him face-to-face:
Callum Anthony Reece is the sweetest, most adorable, most attractive, beautiful eyed, kind-hearted, sensitive, loving, strong, patient, God fearing man that I have always longed for. Everything about him is an answered prayer. His humor is precious and without impurity; His love for God is rooted and consistent; The way he handles adversity shows that He is faithful to his beliefs; When he accepts me on my hardest days I am reminded that God loves us in our weakness. There is not one thing about Callum that I would change. Even his appearance fits everything I asked for. A month before I met him, a friend of mine asked what I wanted my husband to look like and the man I described was Callum "taller than me, dark hair, crystal brown eyes, and foreign". This was me being silly, and God let me be. I got everything I asked for, even in the things that REALLY do not matter. He is the one for me; no one else will do.
After months of falling in love Callum arrived in America. They met a month before her fast ended. The beauty was that they had been in love even though they had never seen each other before that moment. Because her year of being single was not over yet, they spent the next month getting to know each other and praying for their future together. When the end of the fast arrived they were more than ready to be public with their love for one another. It was a beautifully pure relationship that had been created by God. His hand has been on them since the beginning and it was so obvious that He was the one supporting them in all that they had done.
Callum came to America to work as the youth intern for their church, so he had been very involved with every event and happening there. When they went on a trip to serve a church with their youth group in Guatemala, Callum proposed to Chynna. They intended to get married within a few days. Here are her words about her marriage to Callum:
A little over a month ago, Callum & I shared the plans we had to get married with Mrs. Blanche Spinks (who I was living with at the time). Once she had thought through our beach wedding ideas, she suggested something more homey, a backyard wedding. We were thrilled with the idea and ran with it. She mentioned having it in her yard and using her home for the reception. Everything seemed to be coming together. Later that night she went to the Phillips house (a couple from our church) & while she was over there she called us and asked if we could come over. When we showed up at the Phillips, they had all planned out our wedding as if it would be at their house. Something you should know about the Phillips house is that it is very large and beautiful; their home should be in a magazine & should win awards for being so gorgeous. There were many times this last year that I would walk by their house and think "if I was their daughter, I would get married in their backyard!" How amazing is God? He took my little thoughts, hopes and dreams and turned them into reality. Beautiful, He's beautiful! If offering their home was not enough, Mrs. Phillips offered to make my wedding cake! I was overjoyed that night and amazed at how willing they were to serve us. As much as I wanted to stress out and rush around trying to work out the details, God reminded me daily that He wanted to plan my wedding and bring it together for His glory. I let Him have control & He did everything He promised. Within two days of being back we were able to have everything together. As my little brother, Alex Dudenhoeffer led me outside to be married, I got super nervous/excited & was shaky; to be honest, it was the sweetest feeling. I was so free and ready to say "I do". On Saturday, July 28th at 6:00 p.m. I married Callum Anthony Reece, the man of my dreams. Everything about our wedding was perfect and holy; we were able to worship God freely with the support and witness of many of those that love us. The ceremony was exactly what I wanted and more than I could have ever imagined.
Chynna and Callum are happily married they have a cute little girl, Cadence Amadea and I love this cute and blessed family so much! Her daughter is so precious and dear to my heart! I would write so much more, but I don't want this post to be longer. 
God is amazing! This story is intended to encourage all those who think it's impossible for God to guide everything and bring two people from different continents together. Everything is possible with God, so don't give up trusting. There are waves in my life when I tell God that I don't need a husband and that I'm happy with Him alone and there are times when I pray for my future husband (so the desire is still there). Anyway, my prayer is: LORD, be it Your will not mine! Whatever You've planned for me, I know it's the best and I totally trust You're guidance. One thing I ask: through all of it, give me Your presence and the sweetness of traveling with You! That's all I need and I'm fulfilled.


  1. What an awesome love story! And so encouraging! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I was also encouraged by it and I wanted to share it with all of you! I'm happy it encouraged you ^_^


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