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Christmas 2011

This Christmas we had the privilege to share some gifts with poor children and families! My heart is always joyful when I can give to the poor! I can feel with them and see their distress. It's like a sword piercing my heart when I see how they live...I use to see poor people sitting on the cold ground...brrr...How can we Christians oversee them? How can we go on and not stop to ask what they need?

Look at this cute little boy, he's eyes show so much love and innocence.

Here's a great quote:

'Where is God? Everywhere. How do we love God? He gives us the opportunity to do to others what we would like to do to Him, to put our love for Him in action:  loving and serving Him in the distressing disguise of the poorest of the poor.'
- Mother Teresa

This cute little girl draw my attention and I was so touched by her beauty and sadness. We gave her a cute present, but she didn't smile. Only she knows what life she has to live. She was a real lesson for me that day...and I suppose it was for a lifetime. 

Treating life as a chance to serve the poor means God's kingdom inches into your heart and this world.
When you serve to others, you find Jesus' heartbeat. It's like wearing His shoes, carrying us through dark and dirty places. Being like Jesus means looking for opportunities to be a blessing for others.

Walking with God shows us when to act and when to stop and trust Him.


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